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Technical, Undergraduate, Post Graduate, Executive


Krems, Austria


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11 Jun 2013

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06 Aug 2018

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Period Covered: Sep 2015 to Aug 2017

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Over the past few years the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems has built up a strong international reputation and now has over 2000 students from all over the world. Our combination of academic and business expertise opens up excellent domestic and international career opportunities for graduates. Throughout this time, the University put a strong focus on addressing future topics for management and so the teaching and discussion of sustainability issues related to business is included in all programs. Furthermore, as corporate responsibility has taken the center stage of public dialogue over recent years we took the integration of these issues one step further in two master courses.
Starting from a needs analysis the Master course „Management“ was designed by a development involving representatives of science, executives from corporations and long-term faculty members. The distinctive feature of this program is its alignment with the concept of sustainable business management balanced with aspects of social and ecological sustainability.
The program aims at enabling students to work both in a domestic and international environment to cope with challenges in multidisciplinary contexts. Due to the modular structure, the application of case studies and the conception of the courses joined-up thinking is encouraged.

Furthermore the Master course “Environmental and Sustainability Management” specializes even more on sustainable development and provides students with the skills required to assume a high-level position in Austria or abroad. It gives you the expertise to work on either the client side or as a service provider, and to independently apply your professional know-how using focused, results-driven approaches. Students will develop the abilities needed to support companies and organisations looking to implement policies and strategies aimed at enhancing environmental sustainability, and nurturing a sense of corporate and social responsibility.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The aim of research projects in the department business is to find theory-based solutions to the everyday problems facing companies and organisations. The department applies the latest management thinking to devise innovative approaches which can be directly implemented in a corporate setting.

In the research area “Corporate Social Responsibility and Performance Management” the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems focusses on practicable, effective and sustainable solutions to economic, social and environmental challenges are essential components of a winning formula in business and politics. Dealing with the looming acute shortage of qualified employees, strained public-sector and health service budgets, and increasingly fierce international competition will require companies and public service providers to implement innovative, cost-effective approaches aimed at securing long-term success. Organisations will be forced to think outside of the box, while also retaining a focus on applicability and academic principles. Our researchers aim to develop practicable, effective and long-term solutions that promote efficient and sustainable management and performance management, and collaborate closely with the private- and public-sector organisations and regional administrations for which these measures are designed.

With regard to this our research activities focus (among othes) on value-based and sustainable management, Innovative financing methods and sustainable competitive strategies, market development and instruments for Austrian exporters. In order to safeguard the success of our research initiatives, a series of long-term partnerships have been set up with leading companies, public-sector organisations and regional authorities.

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