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University foundation

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Technical, Undergraduate, Post Graduate


BOGOTA, Colombia


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26 Apr 2013

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04 Dec 2017

Sharing Information on Progress (2016)

Informe de Sostenibilidad 2016 - View Report

Period Covered: Jan 2016 to Dec 2016

We report our commitment with social responsability following the guidelines of PRME, GRI, Global Compact, SDG and ISO26000

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Enhance classroom projects and involve various actions that qualify permanently allow student reflection through teacher motivation to rethink the country, their culture, their professional lives, their responsibility to the other and the planet, achieving a high commitment human, social and ethical permeate through the curriculum.
1. Communication line. The subjects of Expression and Human Communication,
2. SOCIO-CULTURAL LINE. Since the subjects of History and Colombian problems
3. Line ethics. From this line, with the subjects of ethics and bioethics are reflections on honesty in all actions, transparency and respect for the other
4. LEGAL LINE. With knowledge of the rules and laws governing the Colombian state, the subjects of Commercial Law,Constitution and Democracy achieve a broad interest in human rights, civic culture, the social inclusion Porcesos from the richness of diversity
5.LINE OF PSYCHOLOGY. The psychology seen as integral processes contributes to revise education and guidance from a systemic, presenting reflections on students as the focus.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

COMMITMENT TO TRANSPARENCY FROM: Annual reports as a way that we have developed in recent years to account for the exercise of RSUs, and where we link all our practices toward improvement, we must emphasize that in this report we have been recognized the past 3 years by the National Retail Federation FENALCO solidarity and organization of the education sector and has been awarded for its exercise of social responsibility from their practices. Similarly, in the 2012 year the Mexican Center for Philanthropy, CEMEFI, the institution got the distinction as a socially responsible. In november 25 of 2012 we reported the advance of the commitment established in the declaration of rio +20 through of thereporting on progress (CoP) of the Pacto Global plataform.

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