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Post Graduate, Executive


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


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19 Feb 2013

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01 May 2019

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KarmaYoga -PRME SIP Report - View Report

Period Covered: Mar 2018 to Apr 2019

It is our annual SIP report sharing with PRME partners how we teach and practice the SDG goals as part of Responsible Management Education among our students.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

We have started a leadership experiential project called Karma-Yoga. We have adopted 20 villages surrounding our campus, and all full time students have to serve the people in these villages and try to empower them.KARMA YOGA
An Experiential Learning Initiative for developing Leadership in Management Students with Social Responsibility.

Great Lakes Institute of Management is an international business school founded by Dr Bala V Balachandran, Padmashri awardee of the Indian government for his valuable services in higher education for the country, and a Distinguished Professor (Emeritus in Service) at the Kellogg Business School, Northwestern University, USA.
Dr Bala founded Great Lakes with the goal of providing world-class management education at affordable cost to the best and the brightest of students from across our country. In the short period of 10 years, Great Lakes has become one of the top 10 B Schools in India as ranked by various agencies, respected not only for the education we give but also for creating young managers and leaders of competence and character.
“You are going to learn to earn. But earn not to live but to give” It is the constant reminder from our founder and Dean DR. Bala to the students to make them more responsible towards the society in committing themselves for an inclusive growth and development. This is the foundation for creating an unique experiential leadership development cum social value creation program called “Karma Yoga”.
The main objective of Karma Yoga is to connect the students with ground realities and experientially learn transformational leadership with a mission to enhancing the self-esteem and self -efficacy of the local communities to lead a better quality of life through empowerment.
Ever since Great Lakes came to the present platinum-rated green campus at Manamai, we have embraced the community we exist in, and have adopted the neighboring 21 villages that form our immediate community for the Karma Yoga, where our 600 plus students have been serving for the social, economic, and cultural growth of the community through a variety of successful initiatives. The students visit these villages regularly on Sundays throughout the year. Initially they conduct the participatory rural appraisal to incorporate the knowledge and wisdom of the local people before guiding them in to take up any development initiatives.

Recognizing the village communities as social units to be uplifted for achieving socio-economic and cultural progress the Karma Yoga identified the Women and the Children and farmers to be the prime targets as the change agents. Our students work with them to create awareness on health, literacy, vocational skills, and entrepreneurial abilities – through teaching, training, health and sanitation camps, kitchen gardening , games & sports meets, environmental awareness campaigns and entrepreneurship workshops – to make the communities healthy, employable and enterprising.
Remarkable intervention took place in the field of education, agriculture, environment, health and sanitation, by creating awareness and thus bringing a positive change among these communities through their leadership qualities. The KarmaYoga Students are trying to identify a new order with new voices and new leaders, propagating new values of accountability, transparency, fair competition, social justice and economic empowerment among the communities.
For our students who perform the ‘Karma Yoga’ as stated above, these actions provide the transformational experiences in their own evolving as leaders – where they discover themselves while serving the deserving and needy, and realize that the true purpose and meaning of being a leader is to serve the followers!
As Joseph Stieglitz, the recipient of Noble prize analyzed that development should result in an enhancement of the totality of a nation`s four fold capital stocks; the capital of material goods, natural capital such as soil, water, forests and fish, human capital including health, education and employment, and social capital comprising mutual trust and social harmony.
The students have the opportunity to experience and learn the labor –intensive, natural resource based occupations and livelihoods in the villages. It gives them the chance to compare and study the modern capital –intensive, technology –based economic sector that should nurture a symbiotic relationship with the nature based labor intensive sector.
It is our conviction that this bonding between Great Lakes and the communities is forever and Karma Yoga shall continue to be the bridge with which this bonding shall sustain and strengthen.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

We regularly recognize individuals and companies that exhibit responsible behavior.

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