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27 Mar 2012

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20 Nov 2018

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Period Covered: Jan 2016 to Dec 2017


Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The European Higher School of Economics and Management (EHSEM) is ranked among the top three private business schools in Bulgaria, with its faculty largely coming from highest training and managerial business positions. EHSEM has two campuses - in Sofia and Plovdiv, thus covering the two biggest cities in Bulgaria, and offers to its 3600 current students the opportunity to study in most competitive modern academic environment, while being able to participate in many social and cultural activities, and find employment at most of the national and international companies based in Bulgaria. Hence, the focus of EHSEM alignment with the contemporary sustainability and corporate responsibility issue is presumably divided in three sections - 1)quality of educational services (campus services and amenities, student services, consulting and follow up, individual attention, career development, content and standards of study materials, incorporation of sustainability and responsibility issues to the study load), 2)faculty development (in terms of teaching methods, curriculum and research development, administrative operations, international publications and networking), and 3)societal role and responsibility(EHSEM institutional and societal role, participation and initiation of projects and activities that improve regional and national quality standards in the field of education and culture, labour market and business networks, internationalization and capacity building, relationships and partnership with businesses, executive training).
The main areas of study include theoretical and applied research generally concerning Bulgarian and European management and economic fields, namely: economic theory, labour economics, economics of education, management, marketing, competitiveness, economic growth, globalization, human capital, business & business administration, project management, finance, accounting, tourism, and statistics. Large part of the EHSEM research is concerned with national topics of practical significance that have been extensively published in the respective scientific journals. EHSEM has been taking part in several EU sponsored research projects and is actively working on several more such in the field of business, education, regional development, human capital, and sustainability issues.
EHSEM would like to excel in quality provision of educational services and follow the highest international academic standards in teaching and research production, while respecting and maintaining the principles of global compact and trying to incorporate them when applicable to the study and research content and provision. New curriculum and actualization of the study programmes has been launched so as to incorporate the science of sustainability in the contents whenever necessary in terms of environmental, business and tourism sustainability issues. The EHSEM library has been provided with literature on sustainability and corporate management topics.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Although much has been accomplished in the societal/institutional role of the EHSEM (project initiation and participation, good collaboration with local and national administration in the field of sustainability, anti-corruption and environmental corporate issues through exchange and practical training, student internships, significant investment in all-round world standard sports centre, fellowship support for underrepresented/economic/excellent students, etc.) there is a room for internationalization in terms of contacts and participation, networking and information, standards and procedures, memberships and exchange of best practices, etc. EHSEM would like to follow the latest UNPRME information and research on management development, while actively participate in the debate on innovation, accommodation and best practices in the field, hence bringing forward the perspective and peculiarities of South-eastern Europe and becoming a provider of a two-way communication and information exchange channel. It is expected that becoming a member of the UNPRME and advancing management operations improvement would increase UNPRME representativeness and example in the region and would further entail serious advance in both ECEM and regional management operations. EHSEM membership in UNPRME would ideally foster its activities that engage with information and internationalization (exchange of ideas and dialogue on management education and development, different points of view, case studies and experiences, new valuable peer contacts).
It is the philosophy and values of qualitative and functional development and constant improvement that EHSEM considers distinctive within the large national and European context. EHSEM is struggling for the last 10 years to balanced advances in all spheres of its competency and capacity (educational services, faculty development and improvement of internal operations, societal role), and much has been achieved. EHSEM has the potential and responsibility to further work towards setting a standard for academic and institutional excellency, seeking access to follow the benchmark of the most respected organization in the field of corporate responsibility and sustainability – the UNPRME. EHSEM faculty is following a rigid plan for research development and is subject to annual research production evaluation and requirements. Furthermore, the EHSEM has been active in developing its own peer-reviewed scientific journal (Research Works), a biannual publication that has featured more than 100 articles for its 6 years of operation, with most of its contents translated into English language, and one that is especially encouraging mutual papers between academia and businesses. EHSEM organizes training practices for most of its students at local business and service companies and municipal offices, as well as study visits to foreign companies of the region. EHSEM would like to further strengthen and frame its public activities, so that the values and effects of corporate responsibility, sustainable development and anti-corruption would transcend management curricula and reflect business operations for the benefit of society at large.

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