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Undergraduate, Post Graduate, Executive


Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil


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13 Mar 2012

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11 Dec 2018

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Period Covered: Jan 2013 to Dec 2014

Este relatório apresenta as ações realizadas pela ESPM, no período de 2013 a 2014, com o objetivo de promover os seis princípios da educação executiva responsável. Foram projetos desenvolvidos com a participação de alunos, professores e colaboradores em prol da comunicade. Os resultados são animadores e os esforços para o próximo biêncio serão mantidos.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

- Of the four core values that ESPM´s mission statement highlights, two - social responsibility and ethics in professional relations - are closely related to PRME
- Social responsibility is one of the four subjects that the faculty has defined as being transversal to all undergraduate courses it teaches. The number of classes dedicated to the subject, in the form of concepts teaching, readings cases and discussions is expected to increase significantly this year and in the coming ones.
- ESPM was among the firsts undergraduate schools in Brazil to introduce a course on Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibilities, back in 1999.
- Every year, around 160 students participate actively in a student body, ESPM Social, that cooperates with social NGOs in their business and communication planning. These students dedicate at least 12 hours a week, during a whole semester to these activities
- Arenas ESPM, an advertising agency run by the student body, under the supervision of ESPM´s professor has been, for several years, the provider of all the communication services of São Paulo city firefighters organization. It has also cooperated intensively with NGOs in stimulating blood donation campaigns and other socially relevant issues.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

- ESPM´s central research center, CAEPM, that funds and promotes independent research by the faculty professors, has since its creation in 2006, given priority to project related to CSR. One of its main continuous projects, led by preeminent Brazilian anthropologist Livia Barbosa, has investigated how Brazilian youth, from different social status, perceive sustainability issues, their position towards political engagement and their stand towards responsible consuming.
- Other ESPM´s research centers, such as the one geared to International Businesses and the other focused on social communication and consumer´s practices has always incentivized their researchers to choose issues or social relevance for the Brazilian society. Recent dissertation by students have dealt with issues of how the receiving audience perceive the SR discourse of corporate agents and of how the greening idea has been incorporated by a leading grocery distributor in São Paulo state.

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