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19 Jul 2011

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16 Apr 2018

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Period Covered: Apr 2016 to Mar 2018

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

- The University has an undegraduate curriculum that requires all students to complete the courses, Ethics and Social Responsibility and Business, Government, and Society. Both of these courses pay particular attention to corporate social responsibility (CSR).
- The Executive MBA Programme has a module dedicated to CSR that incorporates a speaker series and a hands-on project where students work with company on a CSR strategy and plan.
- All masters programmes at the business school include a compulsory course/seminar on ethics. While the course may cover ethics in the larger context of corporate, professional, and personal ethics, some portion of these courses is devoted to corporate social responsibility.
- The University is committed to offering courses in the area of sustainability at both the undergraduate and the postgraduate level. Some examples of courses that are currently offered are Environmental Science, Global Social Challenges, Environmental Economics, Business, and Policy.
- The Centre for Social Responsibility was recently set up to reinforce the importance that the University places on nurturing students to become ethical and socially responsible leaders. Some objectives of the Centre are:
o to promote socially responsible behaviour amongst students
o to initiate knowledge and skill-based engagement with Non-Profit Organisations in areas of financial and business sustainability, both locally and overseas
o to oversee all community engagement initiatives by students and to advise them on strategies to achieve greater impact

As this new Centre ramps up its activities, it is expected that it will play a larger role in mobilizing students to get involved in hands-on community projects and organizing events that promote social responsibility.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

- The University is supportive of research in the areas of corporate responsibility and sustainable. The business school, in particular, will be hosting an academic research conference by the Society for Global Business and Economic Development in July 2011. The theme of the conference is “Building Capabilities for Sustainable Global Business: Balancing Corporate Success & Social Good”.
- The Lien Centre for Social Innovation set up in 2006 is a partnership between the Lien Foundation and the University. The Foundation is a philanthropic organization that invests in innovative solutions and mobilizes action on social and environmental challenges. The University commits staff and faculty resources to the Centre’s activities, which include conferences, public forums, and professional education programmes.
- The Centre for Corporate and Investor Security at the University is currently developing a comprehensive and unbiased corporate governance index for companies listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. This will be subsequently extended to other countries in Southeast Asia.

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