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08 Apr 2011

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17 Dec 2018

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Period Covered: Jan 2014 to Dec 2015

Reporte de Sostenibilidad de la Universidad del Pacífico 2014 - 2015 es un documento que integra a los Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), entre otros parámetros, para informar sobre la gestión sostenible de la Universidad. Los resultados de este reporte, si bien mejorables, constituyen una muestra incuestionable del compromiso de la Universidad con la formación de líderes responsables, así como con la promoción de los principios del PRME y con el desarrollo sostenible del país.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

- UP considers very important the humanistic, multidisciplinary and integral formation of their students. Therefore, emphasizes the CSR philosophy in the courses that integrate the student´ formation stage and CSR spirit and ethics are interwoven throughout our curricula.

- University Social Responsibility committee was created in 2009. It is under the supervision of the Vice President and manages all CSR programs and activities developed in any area of UP. The purpose of this committee is to sensitize the university community as well as to make their members participate in CSR programs.

- Business executives who are CSR´s leaders are frequently invited to tell the students their companies’ stories: what are they doing to promote CSR?
-Corporate Social Responsibility Management is a required course for undergraduate students. The objective of this course is to promote CSR philosophy among students and to prepare them to integrate all areas of management education in a final and integrative course called “Entrepreneurial Project”.

- Social Projection is a required course for undergraduate students .

- Projects presented in the Entrepreneurial Project course require students to include the social and environmental impacts of the business plan on the stakeholders.

- Refresher courses for former students of the Business and Accounting School include the main contents of Corporate Social Responsibility Management course (12.5% of the total course’ subjects).

- Voluntary social work is a requirement for all undergraduate students.

- ONGs started up by undergraduate students: Asociación Enlace Solidario, ANKAY, CEDESPRO, Integrar Perú, among others.

- Strong relationship with ASHOKA (social entrepreneurs). Some students are Ashoka members and actively participate in Ashoka activities. In addition, Ashoka members take courses and seminars offered by UP.

- Graduate School is been differentiated by its clear orientation towards the formation of socially responsible leaders. Its mission stress its “contribution to the economic development and social welfare of Peru …” With that purpose, Graduate School offers, on a regular basis, an MBA, and other specialized master programs in the following subjects: Organizational Development and Human Resources , Agribusiness and food Management, Marketing Management, Supply Chain Management, and Finance.

- The Graduate School offers diplomas as ongoing educa¬tion: International Diploma in CSR and Inclusive Businesses; Diploma in Leadership for Social Innovation; Diploma in Mining Law, Management and Environmental Social Responsibility. It offers, also, single courses related to CSR and ethics as Corporate Governance, Voluntary Carbon Market, Business Ethics, Effective Leadership, Responsible Marketing, among others. In addition, it prepare tailor made programs for International companies as the Diploma in Mining Management for Milpo Mining Co.

- To increase the number of papers and books about CSR.
- To continue publishing papers and documents about CSR.
- To prepare a big conference about CSR for the 50th anniversary celebration, this is going to take place on 2012.
- To prioritize the programs and/or activities of CSR UP would focus on 2011.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Promotion of academic research

- CSR special library was created in 1999. Now it includes case studies, books and papers in the fields of philanthropy, voluntary work, ONGs, etc.
- Main topics of CSR research are in the fields of social policies, human development and civil society, poverty and development, business management, good practices of CSR, social entrepreneurship, and natural resources and environment.
- The Interdisciplinary Research Award (PII), created in 2010, is oriented to solve relevant problems for the country development.
- 10,000 Women Initiative. UP is a key partner in Goldman Sachs' 10,000 Women project in Peru. Through this initiative, Goldman Sachs supports partnerships with universities and development organizations to provide 10,000 under-privileged women with a busi¬ness education over the next five years. This program last 150 hour and provides certificates for 700 Peruvian women entrepreneurs (2010) who want to scale up their existing businesses.

Knowledge development in partnership with enterprises:

- UP promotes the production of teaching cases and teaching notes: we have a collection of good business practices on CSR. These case studies put a dilemma which should be solved under CSR principles and with management tools given in the Corporate Social Responsibility Management Course.

- In 2009, UP’ Research Center (CIUP) published Good Corporate Governance book which includes the good practices in corporate governances of five Peruvian enterprises.

- The analytical reports prepared by the UP Social Enterprise Knowledge Network (SEKN) team explain the good CSR practices of five Peruvian enterprises.

- There is a database of good Peruvian business practices in our web page.

- In partnership with the company Graña y Montero, UP has developed the Practical Guide for the Management of CSR Projects. This guide will be launched on May 2011.

- UP organizes public debates about topics of national interest as the Code of Consumer Protection and the Social Responsible Leadership.

- UP is a member of the AUSJAL (Asociación de Universidades confiadas a la Compañia de Jesús) team group which is working on University Social Responsibility Indicators.

- UP has signed the Global Compact since 2006 and the Principles of Responsible Management Education - PRME since 2011.


- To enhance relationship with the business sector and NGOs in order to get new partners to promote CSR among the business community.
- To increase our collection of CSR case studies to be used as teaching material.
- To increase the number of publications focused on global responsibility, including books and articles in journals.
- To organize a public debate about a topic of national interest.
- To get at least one interdisciplinary project to be awarded with a prize.

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