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Post Graduate, Doctoral, Executive

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TIAS School for Business and Society is owned by Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology


Tilburg, Netherlands


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17 Feb 2011

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24 Jun 2019

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TIAS School for Business and Society UNPRME SIP Report - View Report

Period Covered: Jun 2017 to Jun 2019

As School for Business and Society, we continuously aim to equip our participants with a broad perspective and competencies that enable them to address the social, economic, environmental, technological and geo-political challenges we are all increasingly confronted with. This SIP Report elaborates on how we do this, following the six Principles for Responsible Management Education (with Organizational Practices included as a seventh principle).

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

TIAS School for Business and Society believes that businesses, public entities and (civil) society will need to cooperate in order to solve social and environmental issues. Economic success and societal progress should go hand in hand. TIAS has a long tradition in offering programs that are not only business-related (such as MBAs) but also cover the public domain (Public Management, Governance, Health, etc.). Currently TIAS offers a variety of Masterclasses on Governance/ Sustainability, mature CSR/Sustainability modules in MBA and MScBA-programs and a broad mosaic of Business & Society-related subjects in Executive Master programs. To mention but a few examples:

• Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics-module (MScBA)
• Societal Program-module (FT/PT MBA)
• International Program on the Management of Sustainability
• Woman Corporate Directors Program: the next generation
• New Leadership in Social Housing Corporations
• Innovation in Governance for Non-Profit Organizations
• Masterclass Risk Management and Behaviour

TIAS aims to further strengthen its educational scope on the cooperation/co-creation between public institutions, business and society.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Since 2013, TIAS has organized its research in so-called LABs: open platforms in which our professors work together with participants of our programs and with private and public organizations. As a result we see a steady growth in partnerships between our LABs and external organizations and businesses who jointly engage in co-creation processes. The various LABs already cover parts of both business and society and address several societal and sustainability-related issues. More information on the various LABs as well as their research results can be found on the TIAS website.

The LABs will be strengthened in the near future by developing a more explicit policy and by actively attracting more sustainability-related research assignments from third (societal) partners.

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