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Grant MacEwan University


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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28 Jan 2011

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06 Nov 2017

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Period Covered: Nov 2015 to Oct 2017

MacEwan is a student focused undergraduate institution in Edmonton, Canada. Sustainability is one of the university's 8 pillars. All students in the first year of our Bachelor of Commerce are exposed to sustainability with our Introduction to Sustainable Business course. Students engage in sustainability activities through ENACTUS & oikos International as well as competing in ethics and sustainabillity related competitions. Faculty research includes sustainability and CSR related topics.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

• MacEwan University’s Creed and Values statement aligns well with the PRME.
• A PRME coordinating committee has been assembled in the MacEwan School of Business, involving Faculty, Staff, and Student Representatives. Terms of references and and a 1-3 Year plan for this PRME Coordinating Committee has been established
• An External Scan of Canadian PRME signatory institutions’ SIP reports has been conducted to inform the activities of the Committee.
• An Internal Scan of MacEwan School of Business Program Chairs has been conducted to introduce the PRME to faculty and get feedback from faculty.
• The results of the Internal and External Scans have been communicated to MacEwan PRME Stakeholders.
• Areas in which the MacEwan School of Business excels are in Partnership (Principle 5) and Dialogue (Principle 6). MacEwan School of Business has a strategic goal of internationalization, as well as an ongoing commitment to outreach in terms of academic and business partnerships.
• Most every program in the MacEwan School of Business has either faculty members as part of professional or industry committees and/or have co-op education components and/or provide study abroad opportunities.
• The MacEwan School of Business has joined SIFE – Students In Free Enterprise – a student organization of 48,000 members that brings together students, academics and business leaders to work towards using business practices to build a better and sustainable world.
• MacEwan School of Business Corporate Learning intends to offer an Executive Program in Sustainability.
• The MacEwan School of Business PRME coordinating committee is utilizing students as a classroom assignment for a Senior Class to conduct a “consultation and curriculum mapping process” to inform further PRME integration into the curriculum.
• Sub-committees to the MacEwan School of Business PRME Coordinating Committee are to be formed, intended to formulate and achieve PRME related goals going forward.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

MacEwan School of Business is a recognized leader in undergraduate international business education, known for student success, scholarship, innovation and excellence in teaching. The School of Business hosts two research centres: the Institute for Innovation in Management Education (IIME) and the Institute of Asia Pacific Studies (IAPS).

Launched in 2008, the Institute for Innovation in Management Education is a research and development centre devoted to the study of the organization and delivery of management education and development.

The Institute of Asia Pacific Studies was launched in 1998. Specializing in emerging Asian business, IAPS engages in research and educational and cultural exchanges between the Asia- Pacific region and Canada and is in the early stages of launching an international business journal.

The School of Business conference sponsorships include:
• Competition or Cooperation: East vs. West (2009)
• Managing by Values: Beyond Cultures and Generations (2010)
• African Business and Sustainable Development: Challenges in the Era of globalization (2011) – In partnership with Athabasca University centre for Innovation in Management

The MacEwan School of Business boasts a growing faculty with diverse research interest. During the academic year 2009/2010, Bachelor of Commerce faculty members participated in conferences related to their areas, including the European Academy of Management, the Western Academy of Management, American Marketing Association, Academy of Marketing, Association of International Education Administrators, Academy of International Business and the Administrative Science Association of Canada.

During the Period of July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010, bachelor of Commerce Faculty members have authored or co-authored five books, published 34 articles in refereed journal, published eight non-peer-reviews articles, gave 64 copnference presentation, submitted 24 articles to peer-reviewed publications and received nine internal grants and three external grants to pursuer scholarly activity.

Several faculty members with sustainability as a research focus have been identified.

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