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Period Covered: Jan 2015 to Jan 2017

Our “Report on Responsibility and Sustainability” (R&S) demonstrates the many and broad engagements of the University of St.Gallen (HSG) in this complex and dynamic field. We structure our R&S management into six different areas of action: Research, reaching, executive education, campus, student engagement and public engagement

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

* Integrating R&S topics into all levels of teaching, especially into the compulsory courses, is a challenge that HSG welcomes. Today, many courses in the Contextual Studies Programme and many elective courses cover R&S topics. However, the challenge is to integrate R&S topics systematically and adequately into the degree programmes. This is one of the core tasks of the University Delegate for Responsibility and Sustainability held by Thomas Dyllick.
* There are five core institutions of a total of 41 institutes and centers with a focus on responsibility and sustainability: the Institute for Business Ethics (founded in 1989), the Institute for Economy and the Environment (founded in 1992), the Centre for Leadership and Values in Society (2005), the Centre for Disability and Integration (2009) and the Competence Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (2015).
* oikos is one of the largest student associations at the University of St.Gallen that has been active since 1987 in organizing events, conferences, workshops and many more activities in the sustainability field.
* oikos International has been founded at the University in 1998 in order to upscale the oikos student activities at an international level. In 2016 the network has more than 1000 members with 45 local oikos chapters at Business Schools on four continents.
* Student Impact is a non-profit student consultancy aimed at creating social and ecological benefits for society. The organisation realises its vision by consulting sustainable start-ups and SME on business-related topics. Since 2012, Student Impact has advised nearly 60 businesses in the areas of strategy, marketing and communication, business plans and process and structural optimisation.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

* Based on the existing core competences in the field of responsibility and sustainability, the main areas of research have been: responsible management, renewable energies management, corporate responsibility, logistics, and diversity management. There are a large number of publications in academic and professional journals, but also books and application-oriented business concepts and solutions for different kind of organisations.
* Selected topics and projects include: Management education for the world: A vision for Business Schools serving People and the Planet (50 + 20 initiative), Business models for renewable energies, Financing renewable energy solutions, Consumer behavior and marketing in the renewable energies field, Corporations as political actors, Sector specific corporate responsibility in Europe, Making supply chains sustainable, Sustainability in road freight transportation, managing diversity and integration of people with disabilities into organizations.
* there are regular seminars, conferences and workshops in the above mentioned fields: e.g. St.Gallen Forum for Management of Renewable Energies, Sustainable University Days, oikos Conferences, Model WTO.

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