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11 Jan 2010

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05 Aug 2018

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Period Covered: May 2016 to Aug 2018

Leeds University Business School

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Leeds University Business School is as a founder member of the Interdisciplinary Ethics Applied Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, set up with #2.5 million funding from the Higher Education Funding Council.

In partnership with the IDEA CETL the Business School has worked to integrate business ethics and ethical reasoning into our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

An ethical reasoning thread has been integrated across Business School programmes and assurance of learning procedures put in place to monitor student performance in this area.

We have continued to explore new ways to develop closer research and student education relationships with the School of Earth and Environment and School of Geography.

Discipline specific optional modules are available across many of the Business School's taught programmes to engage and extend students' understanding of ethics, sustainability and responsibility, e.g., Ethics and Economics, Business Ethics, Debates and Controversies in International Business, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability.

Undergraduate programmes also have credits available for students to choose modules from the University’s discovery themes, allowing them to pursue their interest in this area further.

We continue to support co-curricular activities that support the development of global citizens, e.g., Net Impact, Enactus, local volunteering and CSR internships.

Going forward we plan to:

Raise awareness of the SDGS amongst staff and students, explicitly identify links to the SDGs within teaching and research activities.

Raise awareness and engagement regarding the environmental impact of work related behaviours and activities amongst staff and students in the Business School.

Enable and encourage students to reflect upon and articulate their learning and development on the themes of responsibility, sustainability and ethics.

Promote and support the Positive Impact Partners programme amongst staff and students.

Broaden Net IMPACT to become a cross-faculty initiative, to provide a platform for students to engage with the local community and businesses, to discuss social, environmental and ethical issues.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Leeds University Business School is part of a research led institution and our teaching in corporate responsibility, corporate governance and sustainability is underpinned by relevant research. In particular, we have research strengths in international business, corporate social responsibility, sustainable behaviour, corporate governance and diversity management.

Going forward we plan to:
Capture existing research activity relating to ethics, responsibility and sustainability and record and publicise these in an ongoing manner.

Continue to support and develop collaborative projects with industry and pursue multi-disciplinary projects to tackle the issues relating to ethics, CSR and sustainability.

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