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A note from Dr. Mette Morsing, Head of PRME

(Video address from Dr. Morsing, Head of PRME, Lise Kingo, CEO UN Global Compact, Danica Purg, Acting Chair of the PRME Steering Committee, and Paul Polman, Vice-Chair of the UN Global Compact)

To the PRME Community,

I am truly delighted and very honored to have been trusted to lead the United Nations’ largest global movement for responsible management education as the Head of PRME. 

Over the past eighteen years, I have worked as a professor and executive director for research centers focusing on responsible management and sustainability in management schools in Europe. I have been on committees, councils and boards with the purpose of advancing responsible management and sustainable development. I have been engaged with PRME since its establishment 2007, so this is indeed a big moment for me.

I cannot imagine a more challenging and yet more appropriate time than NOW to strengthen PRME’s vision and all the admirable work that is being done by the PRME community. Over the past few months, the world has witnessed a global crisis, with roots in the Covid19 pandemic. This has already dramatically challenged and changed the way we institutionalize higher education. So, NOW is a good time to re-imagine the purpose of higher education. 

Universities and management schools are some of the most important institutions in the world. They are the centerstage for Agenda 2030. They are the very pipeline for the SDGs. Every year we teach and graduate thousands of future decision-makers. The methods, the frameworks, the models, and the mindset we bring into the classroom significantly influence the way the students come to think of the world and how they will choose to make important decisions which will decide what kind of future we will have. So, there is a new moment for Deans. Professors, educators to redefine responsible management as we want it to be. So that we can create a sustainable society, a sustainable planet.

The UN Secretary General has called for a Decade of Action. 

In my new capacity as the Head of PRME, my ambition is to strengthen and grow PRME as a global movement for thought leadership by: 

  1. focusing on how PRME can improve our impact via our programs and initiatives 
  2. strengthening our action in close collaboration with UN Global Compact
  3. developing partnerships across higher education institutions 

To do all of this, PRME needs a robust organizational infrastructure. And this is one of my first priorities. 

I am aware that PRME has been challenged by a leadership vacuum over the past couple of years. And I am very aware that I am stepping into a challenging task in a challenging time. My personal and professional experience have taught me a lot about the beauty of diversity, dialogue, managing expectations and navigating disagreements with the purpose of collective learning, moving ahead together and improving as a community.

I look very much forward to meeting all of you and working closely with you to grow and develop the PRME initiative together into the future. Thank you.


Mette Morsing

Head of PRME




To see Dr. Morsing speak to the PRME community, and hear the warm welcomes of Lise Kingo, CEO UN Global Compact, Danica Purg, Acting Chair of the PRME Steering Committee, and Paul Polman, Vice-Chair of the UN Global Compact, see here.

04 May 2020

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