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Successful 3rd PRME Chapter France Benelux takes place at AMSIB

1 February, 2019 | Amsterdam – The 3rd PRME Chapter France Benelux, organized by Amsterdam School of International Business and TIAS School for Business and Society took place on 31 January-1 February at the ASIB campus in Amsterdam. The event brought together over 90 participants from academia, business, NGOs and government, including 37 universities and institutions from the France Benelux countries, 28 PRME members and 9 non-members to discuss further developments for the Chapter to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

A warm and enthusiastic welcome was made by Kees Koedijk, Dean of TIAS School of Business and Society, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, representatives of of AMSIB and Florencia Librizzi, Senior Manager PRME Secretariat. Distinguished speakers included the former Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mr. Jan Peter Balkenende, Jan-Willem Scheijgrond, President of the Global Compact Network Netherlands, business representatives from Interface, Philips, DSM and Samsung, and academic representatives.

Interactive multi-stakeholder panels followed by productive roundtables to present and discuss potential activities for the Chapter, as well as to define key performance indicators and governance arrangements.

The PRME Chapter France Benelux, launched in 2017, has created with the vision to “transform the mindset of business and society, in the region, by making ethics, sustainability, and responsible management education the norm” and to advance its mission to “embrace, engage and achieve our vision in cooperation with all relevant stakeholders, and through a proactive co-creation of solutions by steering an agenda for impact and by going above and beyond the achievement of the SDGs through developing joint research and educational projects.” They also made explicit the following important values passion, respect, inclusiveness, motivational and entrepreneurial which guide their work and interactions.

As Florencia Librizzi pointed out during her remarks, the PRME Secretariat is “very pleased to have witnessed the creation of the PRME Chapter France Benelux and the significant progress made by now. It is very encouraging the work that has been accomplished, which includes the development of a vision and a mission for the Chapter; setting a roadmap and a common agenda; as well as posing important questions around governance  and key performance indicators. I believe these are crucial steps to solidify a foundation that will allow you to build worthwhile achievements together”. We congratulate the PRME Chapter France Benelux for this successful event and encourage its community to take further steps to build this vibrant network on support to the SDGs.

01 Feb 2019

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