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Professors Invited to Offer AIM2Flourish for SDGs Experiential Learning

There’s still time to offer the flexible, experiential AIM2Flourish assignment for the SDGs to your students this semester!

To get involved, contact AIM2Flourish Director Claire Sommer at or fill out this 1-minute form: AIM2Flourish Professor Interest Form

About AIM2Flourish: Since AIM2Flourish’s June 2015 launch at the PRME Global Forum, business students worldwide have published over 1,450 stories, making the world’s largest resource for student-written, SDGs-achieving, positive business innovation stories. 

How it Works: Working solo or with up to three teammates, students interview a local business leader about a positive business innovation, using the SDGs as a lens, and then publish a mini-case study on The AIM2Flourish team provides you with all the training, support, and resources you need to be successful, at no cost. 

Benefits for You: Students tell us that writing an AIM2Flourish story about a business innovation is transformational—it changes how they think about business' potential for good, and how they see their own potential to be positive social innovators. As a PRME Signatory school, offering AIM2Flourish is another way for your students to learn about the SDGs as a core competency for global citizenship and responsible business leadership. 

Benefits for Business Leaders in Your Community: The business leaders who are interviewed tell us that they see their accomplishments in a new light, feel recommitted to business practices that do good, and appreciate meeting rising talent. 

Benefits for Your Students: 
Career-Expanding Experience
Your students will meet and write about an inspiring business leader, opening the door for internship and job possibilities, while learning about profitable innovations that also have a positive impact for the SDGs. 

Publishing & Recognition Opportunities
Students’ published stories are LinkedIn-ready accomplishments to showcase their understanding of positive and profitable business innovations and the SDGs. The AIM2Flourish team shares these stories on social media for greater impact. All AIM2Flourish stories published in 2018 are eligible for 2019 Flourish Prizes recognition

AIM2Flourish is proud to collaborate with the PRME Secretariat and PRME Signatory Schools around the world, and to be a partner for PRME’s student engagement platform. 

AIM2Flourish is an initiative of the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit at the Weatherhead School of Management - Case Western Reserve University.

11 Oct 2018

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