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The PRME Chapter LAC discusses transforming ethics in action in support of the Sustainable Development Goals at the 7th PRME Regional Meeting LAC

20 September, 2018 | Lima – The 7th PRME Regional Meeting Latin America and the Caribbean “Transforming Ethics in Action” took place on 18-20 September at Faculty of Economics and Business, Universidad de Lima. The event brought together more than 160 participants including professors and administrators; entrepreneurs; business and NGOs representatives; students and youth.

Opening remarks by Oscar Quezada Machiavello, Rector of Universidad de Lima; Javier Cortes, Head Local Networks Americas, UN Global Compact; Florencia Librizzi Senior Manager, PRME, UN Global Compact; Norman de Paula Arruda Filho, President, PRME Chapter LAC; and Patricia Stuart, Dean Faculty of Economics and Business, Universidad de Lima, set the tone to a productive yet reflective conference. From different angles and approaches the speakers raised the importance of embedding ethics into research, teaching and organizational practices through the PRME framework to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The robust agenda, with regional and international speakers, discussed challenges and opportunities around ethics and the SDGs including artificial intelligence in education; integrity in academia; gender equality, diversity & inclusion; university social responsibility; among many relevant topics. Please find here the full programme.  

On 20 September, the PRME Chapter LAC conducted its annual workshop to discuss their contribution to the SDGs as well as governance matters. Key outcomes of the Chapter work were presented including officially launching the “Indicators for University Social Responsibility”. This guide, that aims to assess schools’ progress in the area of university social responsibility, was a result of collective work of the Chapter, led by Gustavo Yepes, Externado University in collaboration with 40 academic institutions in the region. It was also announced that the 2019 PRME Regional Meeting LAC will take place at College of Business and Management - CETYS University, Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico.

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20 Sep 2018

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