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High Level Regional Forum celebrates association of United Nations initiatives

24 May 2018 | Curitiba, Brazil - On 17-18 May, the High Level Regional Forum: Achieving the SDGs in Latin America was held in Curtiba, Brazil. It was a joint event of the United Nations Global Compact and its sister initiatives, the Global Compact Cities Programme and the Principles for Responsible Executive Education (PRME), with the sponsorship of Copel and support from ISAE Business School, Government of Paraná, Paranacidade, State Council for Economic and Social Development, CELEPAR and Municipality of Curitiba. The idea of the event came after the 2017 PRME Global Forum in New York, where the Outcomes Declaration was launched, which was included as one of PRME's main strategic objectives for the coming years, integrating the sister initiatives of the United Nations.

Aligned with the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations, the event demonstrated good practices throughout Latin America in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and in the integration between the public, private and academic sectors. More than 350 people were present at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum Auditorium.

The Meeting was attended by the Director of the Cities Program, Michael Nolan, the head of Global Compact for the Americas Javier Cortez, which reinforced the role of PRME as an integrator and producer of knowledge related to the 2030 Agenda and its relationship with the companies, and also Patricia Stuart, dean of the University of Lima and next chair of PRME LAC that presented good practices of her institution in relation to Sustainability. Kris Douma, director of the PRI, sent a video highlighting the importance of the initiatives and the work the institution has been doing.

The work developed by ISAE Business School in favor of citizens who are in a situation of refuge in Brazil was one of the highlights on the second day of the Forum.

"As long as we do not have an attitude and stay only in theory, we will not return the dignity for those who had to leave their country, their culture and their families, we need to create references, inspiring leaders - to be examples followed by other organizations - that is a generation factor of value," said the president of ISAE and PRME LAC chair, Norman Arruda Filho.

Norman described the Uaná Refugee Program, which offers the opportunity for these migrants to understand the Brazilian labor market, develop aspects of leadership and personal development, enterprising and how to develop an efficient curriculum.

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24 May 2018

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