PRME is a global learning community of thought leaders, academics, businesses, students, and leadership experts. Signatories that join PRME are encouraged to engage with a variety of platforms and projects that will allow them to scale up their commitment to transforming business and management education and advancing the Sustainable Development Goals.

In addition, PRME functions as a convener of networks that support the implementation of the Six Principles and the SDGs at the global, regional, and thematic level. Signatories are encouraged to take part in PRME's networks to expand their engagement with peers and partners, with the purpose of scaling up accomplishments in the areas of sustainability and responsible management education.

PRME Chapters

15 regional PRME Chapters help to advance the Six Principles within a particular geographic context, rooting PRME in different national, regional, cultural and linguistic landscapes. Chapters have their own governance, and align themselves with their respective Global Compact Local Networks to collaborate on a variety of locally-adapted programs and projects.

PRME Working Groups

7 issue-area collaborations of faculty, industry experts, business leaders and students explore a range of topics and their implications for responsible management education. PRME Working Groups produce cutting-edge research into important topics that permeate higher education, with some participants authoring feature publications and books.

PRME Champions

Signatories are guided by examples from the PRME Champions — a select group of high-performing institutions that have radically transformed their curricula and research around the Six Principles. They offer case studies of the challenges and opportunities of embracing institutional transformation, and provide a roadmap for other signatories to follow.

Student Engagement

Involving students and youth will be crucial to advancing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Today's youth will be the leaders of tomorrow, and their role will be pivotal in tackling the development challenges of the 21st century. Business students in particular will be key to addressing these challenges through their involvement in the private sector.

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