PRME UK Event: Adopting and Implementing the Principles for Responsible


Aim: Since the Principles were published in 2007 a number of UK Schools of Business and Management have signed up. Many others have expressed interest, but for a number of reasons, probably mostly to do with the uncertainly over the potential implications, they have not yet done so. This one‚Äźday workshop is designed to allow Deans, Heads of Departments, and relevant Faculty involved in bringing about this transformation. Facilitated by members of the original UN Taskforce, and others who have adopted and begun the process of implementing PRME, the day’s programme of events promises to be stimulating, instructive and instrumental by offering support and guidance from the growing network of UK educators taking a leadership role in these challenging times. Issues of Learning and Teaching, Research and Curriculum Development will be addresses by leaders in the field: members of the original taskforce, signatories, and leading researchers.

Type of participants envisioned: Deans of UK business schools, heads of Departments, and faculty interested in introducing social issues across the curriculum.

Coordination: Alan Murray from Aston Business School ( and Dr Carole Parkes, of Aston University. The event is organized in partnership with The British Academy of Management, The Association of Business Schools (ABS), and the Higher Education Academy ( Business, Management and Finance Section) (BMAF).

Timeline: 19 June 2009, at Aston Business School, Birmingham.

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