CSR PhD Career Development Workshop


Aim: To provide insights from the experiences of early career CSR academics, to hear firsthand from those involved in recruitment for academic posts, to increase PhD researchers’ awareness of the varied nature of academic careers in our field, to bring together scholars working in CSR/ business ethics for the purposes of networking and sharing experiences, and to explore the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative with the aim of developing a series of PhD/ early career workshops.

Type of participants envisioned: UK based PhD researchers in CSR and business ethics for a workshop on academic careers in our field.

Coordination: Jeremy Moon, Nottingham University (Jeremy.moon@nottingham.ac.uk ) and Malcolm McIntosh, Coventry University (Malcolm.mcintosh@coventry.ac.uk )

Timeline: 17 April 2009, Nottingham University Business School, UK.

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