2018 PRME Innovation Challenge


Welcome to the PRME Innovation Challenge!


The PRME Innovation Challenge (IC) is part of the PRME SDG Student Engagement platform led by the PRME Secretariat. It brings together students from PRME Advanced schools to work with a business to build sustainable business solutions addressing their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) / corporate social responsibility objectives.

PRME’s strategic partner, Manitou Group (Manitou), has defined two real-life sustainable development challenges and would like to harness your creative energy to develop solutions.

Join the Challenge and be one of two student teams to engage with this leading multinational company to build sustainable business models and solutions.


Overall, this program provides students from PRME Advanced schools the opportunity to gain insight into the process of corporate innovation while providing Manitou with an additional set of ideas to support their SDG solutions.  

This would enable students to put their knowledge into practice while contributing solutions to address the SDGs. Students will also gain exposure to a top-tier company and expand their professional and social network. A maximum of two student teams will be selected to work virtually with Manitou, with the possibility of site visits and in-person workshops if appropriate.

Criteria for Student Teams

  • Teams must consist of no more than 4 undergraduate or graduate students
  • Students teams should be interdisciplinary (i.e. students should come from different disciplines)
  • Students must attend a PRME Advanced Signatory school 

How to Join

  • Register your team online and select your challenge by 23:59 EST on 15 September HERE
  • Submit your response by 23:59 on 1 October EST to PRMEic@unglobalcompact.org


Manitou will use a point-based system to select one student team to work with based on the following criteria:

  • How well  the question is answered
  • Feasibility of proposed solution
  • Compliance with directions for submissions
  • Clarity and structure of presentation 

Timeline for 2018

  • 15 September: Register interest / Sign-up
  • 1 October: Submissions deadline
  • 31 October: Announcement of student teams 
  • 1 November -30 April: Engagement with Manitou virtually 
  • 14 May: Submit final presentation / report to Manitou
  • 7 June : Presentations at the Manitou corporate office


Challenge 1: Total Cost of Ownership

  • Manitou is the first manufacturer to reveal the consumption of its machines under the REDUCE program.  It has worked on developing tools in order to Reduce the Total Cost Ownership (TCO) and the environmental footprint of its products.
  • The challenge is to change the mindset of Manitou’s internal and external customers.
  • The objective is to switch from the acquisition price to a full services and solutions with TCO benefits mindset.
  • Students will be expected to build an innovative commercial and marketing action plan to conduct the change.
  • Read more about the challenge here

Challenge 2: Supply Chain eco-footprint

  • Manitou is the first manufacturer to reveal the consumption of its machines under the REDUCE program. Manitou considers that providing the greatest transparency starting from the purchasing phase is essential to provide all of elements that affect the cost of use of its products.
  • This challenge focuses on reducing the supply chain eco-footprint by identifying all the factors  necessary to improve it such as optimization of transportation, materials input, returnable packaging.
  • The objective is to quantify ecofriendly transportation, with a view to develop innovative ways to measure the environmental and economic benefits.
  • Read more about the challenge here

If any questions, please reach out to PRMEic@unglobalcompact.org.


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