2016 3rd Annual PRME Chapter UK & Ireland Conference



The 3rd Annual PRME Chapter UK & Ireland Conference was hosted this year as a collaboration between two PRME signatories (University of Nottingham andNottingham Trent University) and also two related networks (PRME and European Business Ethics Network - EBEN). 

These collaborations offered the opportunity to attract a significant number of delegates (120 for the 2 conferences) and a considerable international presence (12 nationalities). There were thought provoking contributions from Senior Academic, Ed Freeman, and Head of PRME Secretariat, Jonas Haertle, and a range of paper presentations and workshops.

The theme of this year’s meeting was “collaboration and capacity building in responsible management education,” stimulating discussions on questions such as: What are the capabilities and relationships that Higher Education Institutions need to enhance in light of the SDGs? How can we better create meaningful collaborations that engage multiple stakeholders and institutions? How can we move forward powerfully together in service of the PRME principles? The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which have provided a focus for the global business agenda with even greater ambition and an emphasis to address the structural drivers of poverty, inequality and resource scarcity, allowed for a useful frame to discuss the theme. Throughout the conference, the unique potential that PRME Chapters and signatories have to influence business leaders of the future was stressed.

Robin Hood opened the conference, awakening the urge for social justice, equality, and the love of the forest in the assembly. Additionally, PRME Secretariat Head, Jonas Haertle, provided a Keynote speech. Throughout the conference, papers were discussed on topics including curriculum design, student engagement, and leadership development. Workshops also proved to be popular this year, focusing on take away tools and offering a platform for collaboration amongst PRME participants. 

Initial feedback suggests that there is scope for forums to promote Faculty Development in the future.  Furthermore, it was suggested to engage more businesses and students in the conversation at future meetings, aligning well to the PRME initiative’s strategic targets. Thanks were extended to Greenleaf Publishing for their continued support for Chapter activities.

The main objective of the 3rd Annual PRME Chapter UK & Ireland Conferencewas to develop collaboration and build capacity in responsible management education. Those at the conference believe that these aims were facilitated in their time together, and hope that conversations continue after the conference.

The Nottingham team would like to announce that they were proud to host PRME this year and are happy to support those hosting the 4th Annual PRME Chapter UK & Ireland Conference in 2017. Invitations for proposals to host the 2017 conference will be sent out in September 2016.

The PRME Secretariat would like to thank the University of Nottingham andNottingham Trent University for hosting and participants for attending this productive event. Please find the event agenda and overview here. You can read more on the event on the PRME Chapter UK & Ireland website. 

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