2016 6th PRME MENA Regional Forum


(Cairo, 14 April 2016) – The PRME Chapter MENA hosted the 6th PRME MENA Regional Forum at the American University in Cairo (AUC), Cairo, Egypt on 13-14 April following the EFMD MENA Conference. The Regional Meeting, “Action for PRME MENA and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” had a very hands-on workshop style and focused on further embedding sustainability and corporate responsibility into management education.

The event was preceded by a campus tour, pre-conference presentations and a joint EFMD MENA-PRME lunch with a local practitioner panel featuring speakers Ayman Ismail, Partner, Chairman and CEO, DMG - Mountain View and Hashem El Dandarawy, Chairman, Team 4 Security, who gave their perspectives on the role of business and management education in the SDGs era.

Dean Karim Seghir opened the PRME MENA Regional Forum,  welcoming participants and urging the audience to work together and leverage the PRME initiative to advance sustainability and responsible management in the region.

The event was divided into five workshops with a similar format: short initial presentation, roundtable discussions and reporting back to the plenary. Workshop 1,  co-facilitated by Dr. Milenko Gudic and Florencia Librizzi, focused on the Sustainable Development Goals and PRME with an introduction on resources to promote action on the SDGs. This session included a brief remark from the Global Compact Local Network Egypt Focal Point, Muhammad Al-Fouly who highlighted the role of business in contributing to fulfilling the SDGs and some ideas of how business and academics can work together. Workshop 2 tackled the main questions and recommendations on Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) reports and was co-facilitated by Dr. Ali Elquammah, Dr. Milenko Gudic and Florencia Librizzi. Workshop 3 focused on the resources developed by the PRME Working Group on Anticorruption and was facilitated by Dr. Shiv Tripathi and Dr. Yaprak Anadol. Workshop 4, facilitated by Dr. Milenko Gudic and Dr. Ghada Howaidy, highlighted the issue of gender equality and provided resources developed by the PRME Working Group on Gender Equality.. Workshop 5, facilitated by Dr. Milenko Gudic and Dr. Ali Awni, discussed poverty as a challenge for management education and highlighted resources developed by the PRME Working Group on Poverty.

Finally, the event closed with a very interactive session on the next steps for the PRME Chapter MENA. Ghada Howaidy, the PRME Chapter MENA coordinator, gave a  a brief update during this session ,  which was followed by a rich discussion taking into account the learning from the prior two days on what PRME Chapter MENA can do to advance responsible management education and contribute to the SDGs in the region. In addition, the PRME Chapter MENA will be finalising a governance document to be signed by the PRME Chapter MENA Advisory Committee to further clarify and consolidate the governance of the PRME Chapter. 

Some of the main activities suggested for the PRME Chapter MENA include:

On PRME Resources:

  • Creating regional material to add to the PRME resources (e.g. case studies)
  • Sharing existing resources with the PRME community (e.g. through webinars, etc)

On SIP reports:

  • Providing feedback to each other within the PRME Chapter MENA
  • Leveraging the PRiMEtime blog to highlight innovative work and good practices
  • Exploring possibilities to consolidate SIP reporting with accreditation

On Anticorruption, Gender Equality and Antipoverty:

  • Sharing good practices in implementation across curriculum
  • Pursuing faculty development
  • Conducting collaborative research on anticorruption based on website data

On links with business:

  • Further exploring opportunities for collaboration with Global Compact Local Networks

The PRME Secretariat would like to thank American University in Cairo (AUC) for hosting and participants for attending this productive event. Please find here the agenda of this meeting.


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