2016 13th PRME Chapter Meeting Brazil


(Curitiba, 16 February 2016) – The PRME Chapter Brazil hosted their 13th PRME Chapter Meeting Brazil at ISAE/FGV in Curitiba. The aim of the meeting was to hold chapter board elections and discuss work proposals for the PRME Chapter, which included a partnership with PRME Chapter Latin America and Caribbean (LAC), Agenda 2030 and the Sustainability Literacy Test.

The new Chapter Board now consists of Ricardo Siqueira (FDC), Leandro Morilhas (FIA), Savio Bittencourt (EBAPE/FGV), José Antonio Fares (SESI/PR) and Board President, Norman Paula Arruda Filho (ISAE). The Board will work towards joining efforts to innovate management education and achieving PRME Chapter Brazil’s main goal, which is to promote corporate sustainability in the ongoing debate on management practices.

The meeting served as an opportunity to discuss research projects in partnership with the PRME Chapter LAC. This will include research with faculty from PRME Chapter LAC and PRME Chapter Brazil members on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which will result in workshops to work with barriers as well as research on corruption and sanitation in Latin America. The SDGs were also a prominent part of the meeting’s agenda; workshops were developed and insight was provided into SENAI/PR, who are in the process of developing a SDG Quizz (in app format) to be used by schools. 

PRME Chapter Brazil has been working with the Sustainability Literacy Test to encourage student participation and measure the level of students’ knowledge of sustainability. During the meeting, objectives were set for the 3rd version of the survey, which will be launched in 2016. Signatories were requested to send two new questions about sustainability in Brazil. The proposals will be discussed and the PRME Chapter Brazil will apply the most relevant ones.


The PRME Secretariat thanks ISAE/FGV for hosting and participants attending this successful event.

For more information on the PRME Chapter Brazil see their PRME Chapter website or contact Norman Arruda Filho (norman@isaebrazil.com.br) or Gabriella Pita (gabriella.pita@iseabrazil.com.br)

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