2016 3rd PRME Chapter Meeting North America


(Atlanta, 7 February 2016) – The PRME Chapter North America hosted the 3rd PRME Chapter Meeting North America at the Cole College of Business, Kennesaw State University in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The meeting built on the achievements and goals set at the 2nd PRME Regional Meeting North Americahosted by University of Washington at Bothell School of Business, which focused on further embedding sustainability and corporate responsibility into management education. Preceding the conference, inspirational site visits were arranged at the Center on Civil Rights and the Martin Luther King Jr. Museum, which provided insight into Atlanta’s history in relation to human rights and the SDGs. The visits were followed by a keynote presentation by Jennifer Ragland, Director of International Government Relations and Public Affairs, Coca Cola, Inc. Two main themes were dominant in the conference: engagement and impact. Participants focused on how schools could improve their engagement with and impact on business and cultural communities to further embed the Six Principles into higher education and society. Furthermore, the meeting continued PRME Chapter North America’s work on aligning and unifying the resources of existing and new PRME members in order to explore the next steps for the PRME Chapter North America.

During the workshop, participants celebrated the establishment of the PRME Chapter North America, led by Mark Meaney as the PRME Chapter North America Chair and expressed their interest in working together and strengthening engagement in the region. 

Main activities and core value proposition of the established PRME Chapter North America:

The PRME Chapter North America will be a PRME regional platform that will help to advance the Six Principles of PRME. It will also be a local catalyser and, in coordination with the PRME Secretariat, a link to the UN Global Compact Networks in the USA and Canada.

PRME Chapter North America participants reported back on the progress of projects identified during the 2nd PRME Regional Meeting North America, as well as engaged in a productive discussion around the future activities of the Chapter towards strengthening the regional PRME community and collaboratively tackling barriers to responsible management, proposing the following projects:

  • Recruiting more participants to become PRME signatories in the North America region
  • Peer learning and support with the drafting of the Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) report, research projects and teaching
  • Furthering the link with business, especially through the Global Compact Local Networks USA and Canada
  • Strengthening the collaboration with students across the region.
  • Developing PRME Awards for excellence in responsible management education
  • Developing links between the PRME Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) reports and AACSB and EQUIS Accreditation, with the goal to introduce a template.
  • Cross-School Research Project using UN Global Compact data set with the objective of building knowledge for UN Global Compact companies, and best practices for teaching in management education institutions
  • Implementing PRME at faith-based institutions
  • Furthering the responsible management education discussion in the Cascadia (USA/Canada) region
  • Exploring PRME and Indigenous Peoples Issues
  • Continue to host annual PRME Regional Meetings. The next edition will take place at the University of Guelph
  • Other contributions included AIM2Flourish and Sustainable Mindset/LEAP that generated a vibrant discussion on how these projects could evolve in the region.

The PRME Secretariat would like to thank Coles College of Business, Kennesaw University for hosting and participants for attending this successful event. Please find here list of the participants of this meeting.

If you would like to participate in the activities of the PRME Chapter North America, or to receive more information on PRME Chapters, contact PRME Chapter North America Chair, Mark Meaney (mark.meaney@colorado.edu), Executive Director Center for Education on Social Responsibility, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder

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