2016 3rd PRME Chapter Meeting DACH


(Frankfurt, Germany, 4 November 2015) – PRME Chapter DACH hosted its 3rdPRME Chapter Meeting DACH (Germany, Austria & Switzerland) at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in Frankfurt, Germany, 4 November 2015. The 1st PRME Chapter Meeting DACH, in February 2014 set an important milestone in the journey of the Chapter DACH, which was built upon in the 2ndPRME Chapter Meeting DACH, in October 2014.

At the meeting, Jonas Haertle presented on the PRME initiative’s current standing, as well as its short-term (2016) and mid-term (2017-2018) outlooks. The rollout of the recently launched Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was highlighted. Haertle stressed that for actions towards the achievement of the SDGs to occur at PRME signatory institutions, PRME Regional Chapters must act as facilitators.

Jurgen Janseen of the UN Global Compact Local Network Germany (GC LN-D) continued the conversation on SDGs, stating that the GC LN-D has been adopting the SDGs in a reserved manner. He stated that the (re) formulation of the German National Sustainability Strategy could provide some orientation and incentive for companies. Moving forward, GC LN-D will continue focusing on human rights and integrity, climate policies, supply chain management, and reporting. Furthermore, Janssen stated that he will advocate for the integration of a PRME DACH representative in the GC LN-D steering group.

Antonio Hautle presented on behalf of the UN Global Compact Local Network Switzerland (GC LN-CH). Top priorities for this group include business and human rights, the extractive and financial industries, and new forms of collaboration with academia (in cooperation with PRME Chapter DACH). Hautle will also advocate for an adequate representation of PRME Chapter DACH in the GC LN-CH.

Rudi Kurz presented  on behalf of the UN Global Compact LEAD and PRME and spoke about his participation in the discussion of the project “Shaping the Future Business Leader” at the Global Forum.

Georg Muller-Christ presented on behalf of the Working Group “Hochschulen and Nachhaltigkeit” within the UNESCO Decade Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), which ended in 2014 and has been replaced with the Global Action Plan (GAP). There is a chance that PRME will be able to cooperate with the German UNESCO group moving forward.

During the meeting, the topic of “Advancing DACH” was stressed. This will occur through the following:

-      Michael Wihlenda presented on the World-Ethos Institute at Tubingen University, which is initiating an innovative approach for student engagement: the “World Citizen School.” The initiative has pioneered student engagement through a “bottom-up” initiative, and also just recently delivered its first PRME SIP report. A webinar has been developed to follow up and to cater the results to business schools in order to help them initiate a World Citizen School at their own institution.

  • DACH Working Groups

-       Program/Curriculum Development: Johannes Dickel and Alexander Herzner presented preliminary outcomes of the working group, which held workshops 2 February 2015 and 28 September 2015. The next workshop will be held on 15 February 2016 at MCI, Innsbruck. The group will focus on the development of a framework based on PRME and adapted to particular needs of engineering and management education programs, a certificate to acknowledge extracurricular student engagement in areas of ethics and sustainability, and engaging students in the SIP reporting process. Successful actions have taken place through the first annual Winter School, MCI’s pilot-project for a certificate in Responsible (Self-) Management, and support through an innovative model pilot to engage students in the SIP reporting mechanism by elaborating suitable sustainability metrics in their business ethics courses.

-       Responsible Management Education (RME): Bernd Banke presented a draft outline of a joint project on “Universal Social Responsibility.” The purpose of this project is to build an online-database integrating relevant materials to assist in implementing responsible business in institutions while fostering collaboration between PRME members. This working group is happy to welcome colleagues from other PRME DACH signatory schools interested in collaborating (please contact Bernd Banke, Reutlingen University, Bernd.Banke@Reutlingen-University.DE, ++49 7121 271 6013).

-       Strategy/Mission Statement: This working group is currently exploring ways to conceptualize an instrument designed to reflect the way signatory schools have integrated the PRME in their mission statements as well as to offer them guidance for improving this key process. This working group is happy to welcome colleagues from other PRME DACH signatory schools interested in collaborating (please contact Lutz E. Schlange, University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur, lutz.schlange@htwchur.ch, ++4181 2863966).


The PRME Chapter DACH steering group was also discussed. Current members of the steering group are confirmed to serve for another year: Reinhard Altenburger (Krems), Johannes Dickel (MCI Innsbruck), Rudi Kurz (Pforzheim), Lutz E. Schlange (speaker, Chur), Michael Wihlenda (Tübingen), and Heike Brost (Frankfurt). The re-election of the steering group will occur at the PRME Chapter Meeting DACH in 2016. Considerations were made to supplement the steering group with members of the UN Global Compact local networks D, A, CH. This step would induce a change of the PRME Chapter DACH Terms of Reference.


The next PRME Chapter DACH steering group meeting will occur in March/April 2016 in Vienna. Additionally, the 2016 Research Conference and PRME Chapter Meeting DACH will occur at IMC Krems on 9-10 Nov 2016. 

For a detailed outcomes document from the 3rd PRME Chapter DACH Meeting, please view the Meeting Minutes and Presentations.

For opportunities to engage with the Chapter, please view the upcoming Winter School details and flyer resources.

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