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The emerging PRME Chapter North America (USA and Canada) was first discussed at the 1st PRME Canada Meeting /Regional Meeting North America in 2013. The PRME Chapter was created during the 2nd PRME Regional Meeting North America, hosted by University of Washington Bothell School of Business on 10-11 October 2014.

During the workshop, the participants expressed their interest in working together and strengthening the engagement in the region, leading to the formation of the PRME Chapter North America. Please find here the list of participants of this meeting.

The 3rd PRME Regional Meeting North America was hosted by Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University. A project called “2x1” was implemented for this meeting, encouraging PRME signatories to invite a non-PRME signatory or a colleague from their institution that is not that familiar with PRME, with the incentive that the second attendee does not pay the conference fee in order to promote the Six PRME Principles, encourage implementation, and recruit signatories. 

The 4th PRME Regional Meeting North America was held by the University of Guelph College of Business and Economics in 2017. Full conference agenda and information can be found here.

Main Activities/Core Value Proposition

The PRME Chapter North America will be a PRME regional platform that will help to advance the Six Principles of PRME. It will also be a local catalyser and, in coordination with the PRME Secretariat, a link with the UN Global Compact Local Networks in the USA and Canada.

Many activities were discussed at the October 2014 meeting, and the following projects proposed for focus:

  • Developing PRME Awards for excellence in responsible management education
  • Developing links between the PRME Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) reports and AACSB and EQUIS Accreditation, with the goal to introduce a template at the Academy of Management (AOM) 2015, in Vancouver, Canada. A workshop for the PRME Chapter North America may take place prior to the AOM meeting
  • Cross-School Research Project using UN Global Compact data set with the objective of building knowledge for UN Global Compact companies, and best practices for teaching in management education institutions
  • Implementing PRME at Catholic institutions
  • Furthering the responsible management education discussion in the Cascadia (USA/Canada) region
  • Exploring PRME and Indigenous Peoples Issues


For more information on the Chapter, the Foundation Meeting and events/activities, please contact:

PRME Chapter North America Chair, Mark Meaney (, Leeds School of Business

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