PRME Chapter East Asia


The PRME community in Asia has seen already many PRME Regional Fora held over the past six years:

In this context, the PRME Chapter East Asia was launched during the 5th PRME Regional Forum Asia in order to strengthen the participation of signatories of PRME at the regional level—to enhance individual and collective work, promote the adoption of the Principles of PRME in the region, which promote peer learning, dissemination of good practices, experiences and lessons learned—and to create a space for dialogue among the signatories of the region.

The emerging PRME Chapter East Asia is comprised of China, Japan and South Korea.

Main Activities/Core Value Proposition

The main goal is to define CSR in the different Asian and East Asian contexts, as well as to advance PRME locally.

This PRME Chapter, along with other Asia Chapters have committed to holding an annual meeting for the Asian context. 


For more information, please contact:

Pamsy Hui, Associate Dean (External Relations and Development), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University,

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