Special Session on “PRME: Asian Perspective,” World Civic Forum 2009


A Special Session on “PRME: Asian Perspective” at the World Civic Forum 2009 was held at Kyung Hee University in Seoul, Korea on May 7th, 2009

Kyung Hee University School of Management, within the context of the 1st World Civic Forum and in partnership with other signatory institutions of PRME in Asia, has successfully organized a special session on PRME the 7th May in Seoul, Korea. It is the first PRME conference in the context of responsible management education in Asia. Co-organizers of this event are UN PRME, UNGC, and UNGC Korea Network. Financial support was made for this event from LG Corporation. This special session has been arranged in responding to a call for PRME initiatives in the year of 2009 which was proposed at the 1st Global Forum for Responsible Management Education in New York, December 2008.

The primary purpose of this event is to share and join the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education among Asian business schools. In particular, it has been designed to facilitate dialogue among various participants from universities, business establishments, NGOs, and government officials to consider, develop, and refine Asian business schools’ planning for and implementation of sustainability and related strategic challenges in management education.

The entire conference has been composed of three consecutive tracks; Track 1, “Meaning of social responsibility in the Asian context”, Track 2, “Perspectives about social responsibility from business community”, and Track 3, “Responsible management education in the Asian context”.

Professor Mitzuhiro Umezu of Keio University in Japan, Professor Bin Yang of Tsinghua University in China, Professor Oliver Williams of Notre Dame University (USA) along with high-level administrators and Professors from Kying-Hee University, Professor Sang-Gun Lee of Ajou University, Professor Youn-Suk Baek of KAIST, Professor Han-Kyun Rho of Kookmin University, and Professor Hyun-Deok Yeo of aSSIST presented their views in this international event. Dr. Manuel Escudero, head of UN PRME, delivered a keynote speech, and Mr. Ju Cheol-Ki, general secretary of UNGC Korea Network, and Dr. Yung-Ho Suh, Dean of Kyung Hee University School of Management, gave welcome remarks.

More than 100 scholars and specialists from international organizations, corporations, education and research institutes, and about 200 students from Kyung Hee Unviersity School of Management attended this one-day special session.

In concluding the session, participants made consensus in announcing the Seoul Action Plan in order to advocate and promote the vision of Principles for Responsible Management Education among Asian business schools.

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