PRME Working Group on Sharing Information on Progress (SIPs)


The PRME Working Group on Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) aims to raise awareness and facilitate dialogue and research on SIP reporting.

The goals of the Working Group are as follows:

1. To increase the quality, quantity, and timeliness of reporting

  • To identify and eliminate any barriers to advanced reporting
  • To make SIP reporting more inclusive, accessible and user friendly for all stakeholders
  • To increase utilization of SIP by all stakeholders

2. To leverage SIPs as a vehicle for translating reporting into more integrated, sustained action

  •  To aid with capacity building – making the jump from ‘saying’ to ‘doing’ 

3. To improve PRME Secretariat management of SIP-related communications


2015 Updates

It has become clear that the PRME community would benefit from additional resources to support the reporting process. In response, the Working Group set the goal to help signatories better capture the benefits, and overcome the challenges, in reporting. In advance of the 2015 Global Forum for Responsible Management Education, the Working Group developed a strategic plan with deliverables to improve the reporting process for signatories.

Starting in 2014, the Working Group, under co-facilitators Giselle Weybrecht and Jose Manuel Alcaraz Barriga with the coordination of Kathleen Simon and Florencia Librizzi from the PRME Secretariat, began evaluating the opportunities and limitations of the current SIP policy and resources. To ensure that this evaluation was representative of a range of viewpoints, a survey was disseminated to the entire PRME community to gauge their experiences with reporting. Based on the feedback, the Working Group has worked on various deliverables for the PRME community. First, a Basic Guide to the SIP was developed, which aims to serve as a concise, effective document that offers good practices and tools to help guide signatories through the reporting process. In addition, the SIP policy was revised to reflect emerging trends in reporting and inspire higher quality and more consistent reporting. Finally, the Working Group institutionalised a platform for excellent SIPs to be globally recognized. More information on the institutions recognised for reporting in 2015 can be found under the Reporting section of the PRME website.

Looking ahead, the Working Group will continue to collaborate with the PRME community on other projects to advance its goals, outlined above.


2013 Updates

As part of the 2013 PRME Summit, the Working Group recognised three institutions for excellence in reporting. The cohorts were identified for review: one including only the most recent report from any signatory that submitted three or more SIPs, always on time. The second group included all first time reports (also only if on time) submitted by signatories that joined PRME in the previous two years. 

More information on the institutions recognised for reporting in 2013 can be found under the Reporting section of the PRME website.


How to Join

As of December 2014, the group is active and working on a variety of projects. To learn more or to join, please contact the group's co-chairs, Ms. Giselle Weybrecht at and Dr. Jose Manuel Alcaraz

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