PRME Chapters


Three years into PRME's launch, signatories from regions around the world determined that due to a diverse range of macro-environmental conditions, there was a need to consider and incorporate local contexts and perspectives into their pursuits.

Today, fifteen regional PRME Chapters help to advance the Six Principles within a particular geographic context, rooting PRME in different national, regional, cultural, and linguistic landscapes. They function as platforms for localized engagement from higher education institutions, and in cooperation with Global Compact Local Networks, can develop projects and initiatives that support the Sustainable Development Goals regionally.

PRME Chapters develop their own internal arrangements and activities, while committing to:

  • Providing a platform for dialogue, learning, and action on responsible management and leadership education and research
  • Increasing the visibility of PRME and its signatories in the region
  • Adapting the Six Principles into a local context
  • Developing and promoting activities linked to the Six Principles and the Sustainable Development Goals

To learn more about PRME Chapters, read the First Report on PRME Chapters.

Established Chapters

A Chapter becomes established once a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is signed between the Chapter and the PRME Secretariat. The confirmation of the "established" status is based on the understanding that the Chapter will engage in activities that are consistent with the purposes and objectives of PRME.

Emerging PRME Chapters

An emerging Chapter is composed of PRME signatories that, in consultation and with the approval of the PRME Secretariat, develop activities and a governance structure that are compatible with the PRME Guidelines and Recommendations, but receive additional support from the PRME Secretariat.

How to Form a Chapter

Based on consultations with leading participants, the PRME Secretariat has provided the following Guidelines and Recommendations for PRME Chapters, and the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), to support Chapters' growth. Please email to learn more.

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