Optional Pre-Global Forum Site Visits & Meetings

Monday, 17 July

Learning Journeys – "Open Hiring policy at Greyston Bakery - site visit" (Advanced PRME Signatories only, limited capacity) (9:00am-12:30pm)*

Participants will have the chance to visit Greyston Bakery facilities (one of the major suppliers of Ben & Jerry -Unilever-) in Yonkers and the Center for Open Hiring. A discussion on how to connect this subject to the SDGs and other topics around social justice and innovation will follow.

If you are unsure whether your institution is an Advanced PRME Signatory, please contact Brendan Pastor at pastor@unglobalcompact.org.

PRME Champions Working Meeting (PRME Champions only) (9:30am-1:00pm)

A closed working session for the PRME Champions group to touch base and prepare for the Focus Session on 18 July.

PRME Cross-Working Group Meeting - "Integrating the SDGs into Management Education" (40 person max) (2:30pm-4:30pm - Global Compact Board Room)

This session is designed to provide a time and space for participants of a range of PRME Working Groups to discuss the potential benefits of addressing the SDGs in multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional ways. Recent examples of outcomes of the collaboration of the Anti-Poverty, Anti-Corruption and Gender Equality Working Groups, will be highlighted, as will Calls for Contributions for two new books on Sustainability and the SDGs.

Innovative Approaches – "Leading for Well-Being" (2:30pm-5:00pm)

This session will present participants with the work of "Leading for Well-Being," a consortium of organizations, scholars, faith leaders, business people, media experts, and policy-makers seeking to integrate the emerging practice of Humanistic Management with more sustainable practices at the corporate, community, and policy levels. The goal is to enable many of those now driving crisis to become agents of positive and profitable change.

Learning Journeys – "Chocolate and Sustainability" (Advanced PRME Signatories only, limited capacity) (6:00pm-7:30pm)*

Achieving the SDGs is crucial for the future sustainability of the cocoa industry. Participants will spend a few hours at Raaka Chocolate factory in Brooklyn, an innovative small bean-to-bar chocolate maker. A tour through the facilities will allow participants to experience the manufacturing process of their products, learn how to taste chocolate, and understand how sustainability affects the final product. A presentation and discussion will follow led by Raaka's head of sourcing around sustainability in their supply chain. Participants will receive a link to a short online course with an introduction to chocolate and sustainability in advance of the Global Forum.

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