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The Russian Association of Business Education, internationally known as RABE, is a national alliance of business schools, corporate universities, training centres and professional associations. RABE was founded in 1990. Since then it has become a recognized agent of changes in the national and international business education systems.

RABE has about 100 members that make up a leading network of business educational institutions, sharing common objectives of post-experience life-long business education across Russia and abroad. Its members are dedicated to education and further development of responsible business leaders, who can effectively meet challenges of changing national and international markets.

RABE mission is to promote the development of effective business education system in Russia that is capable of providing high standard executive education and training for national and global businesses and institutions.

RABE takes part in legislative activities regarding the legal status of management development programmes, arranges business schools' faculty professional updating courses, actively supports Russia business schools in their preparations and going through various international accreditations.

RABE is an active member of the European system of management education and the top international associations of executive development, including the AMBA International, AACSB, EFMD, CEEMAN, and CAMAN and other leading regional association.

In 2012 the National Accreditation Council for Business Education (NACBE) was founded at the RABE initiative with an idea of developing principles and standards of monitoring and further improving the national management education system. The Council incorporates the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Association of Managers, Chamber of Trade and Industries, All-Russia public association "Business Russia", Association of Russian Banks. With NACBE the national quality assurance and accreditation system for further business education has taken shape. NACBE works in close cooperation with the State accreditation Committee under the RF Ministry of Higher Education and Science, and is actively supported by the Russian government. Most of the top business schools in Russia have obtained the NACBE accreditation of their MBA and corporate training programs.

All through its existence, the RABE has been committed to ideas of responsible business education. Now it is actively supporting the PRME dissemination among RABE members through publications in its website, various RABE networking events - leadership-focused conferences, round-table discussions and NACBE accreditations.

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