Advisory Committee

The PRME Advisory Committee (PRME AC) officially launched at the 2015 Global Forum for Responsible Management Education–6th Assembly in June 2015 with a mandate from the PRME Steering Committee and coordinating support from the PRME Secretariat.

The PRME AC is a permanent twenty-member governance body that gives a stronger voice to the participant schools of PRME with a basis for providing strategic advice to the both the PRME Steering Committee and the PRME Secretariat. The PRME AC draws its members from the main constituencies of the PRME community: namely PRME Chapters, Champions, Working Groups, as well as other relevant experts, using a dual system of election by members and selection by the PRME Secretariat. The composition of the PRME AC aims to ensure representation that provides balance in terms of geography, gender, and expertise, with members serving for two years.

Before its official launch, the PRME AC conducted a year and a half pilot phase, through which PRME AC members provided advice on strategic issues, such as the PRME Annual Service Fee, a policy for PRME Chapters, re-activation of the PRME Working Group on Sharing Information on Progress (SIP), PRME strategic review process, and priorities for 2015, which included the alignment of PRME with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), greater involvement of Deans in PRME, and the 2015 PRME Global Forum. In addition, members guided the development of the rules of composition and Terms of Reference (ToR) for the PRME AC, as well as a list of potential projects for the group to undertake.

The newly constituted group convened in early 2016, per the procedure outlined in the Terms of Reference (ToR).

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