PRME Working Group on Poverty, a Challenge for Management Education


Business schools, as the main providers of educational services to future leaders, need to collaborate and develop new ways and means towards sustainable development and the development of responsible leadership for a better world. In this context, fighting poverty is not only one of the major Millennium Development Goals, but also a big challenge to management education.

In 2008, CEEMAN launched its first global survey on the relationship between management education and poverty. The survey, designed by Milenko Gudić, CEEMAN, Slovenia, and Al Rosenbloom, Dominican University, USA, received 154 responses from 33 countries from all over the world. The survey results were presented at the 1st Global Forum for Responsible Management Education, held on 4-5 December 2008 in New York, and published on the respective home pages of leading international associations focused on the role of business in society and the principles of responsible management education (CEEMAN, UN Global Compact sponsored initiative PRME, and Business in Society Gateway).

Following this, PRME suggested establishing a special PRME working group on fighting poverty. In order to expand and deepen future work in this area, the CEEMAN team designed and administered in May-September 2010, the CEEMAN/PRME Survey on Poverty as a Challenge for Management Education. Preliminary results of the survey were presented at the 2nd Global Forum for Responsible Management Education, held on 23 June 2010 in New York, while a summary of the final results was presented at the 18th CEEMAN Annual Conference held on 23-25 September in Caserta/Naples, Italy.

The Final Report, with results based on 377 responses from 51 countries, was published in October 2010. 

The aim of this collective effort is to work towards a proposal that introduces the issue of poverty in the curriculum and the learning methods in the education of future professionals, as part of the social environment in which business management operates.

Goals & Activities

The vision of the PRME Working Group on Poverty as a Challenge to Management Education is to be advocates for the integration of poverty-related discussions into all levels of management education worldwide. Our vision is grounded in our beliefs that:

  • Poverty is a legitimate topic for discussion and research in schools of business and management
  • Business should be a catalyst for innovative, profitable and responsible approaches to poverty reduction
  • Multiple stakeholder engagement is needed for innovative curriculum development

In our role as advocates, we will:

  • Create opportunities for multi-stakeholder discussions
  • Foster discussions that lead to concrete results
  • Disseminate reports
  • Serve as a global repository for innovative curricular approaches, learning methods and educational materials that embed poverty in management education
  • Support the development of a community of management educators, researchers and professionals committed to integrating poverty into the business curriculum

Our working group will disband only when the issue of poverty is deeply embedded in all levels of management education worldwide.


How to Join

To join the Working Group, which now includes over 100 members from more than 40 countries, please contact Milenko Gudić, Founding Director, Refoment Consulting & Coaching, Belgrade, or

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