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**A new website for the PRME Chapter UK & Ireland has recently been launched. See their latest news, and updates on events and ongoing activities here**

The Foundation Meeting for the regional PRME Chapter UK & Ireland was held on 10 May 2013 at Aston Business School.

Thirty-two delegates of PRME signatory business and management schools from across the UK and Ireland came together to agree on a Constitution and Steering Committee, and to discuss ideas on the roles, activities, and events for the new Chapter.

Delegates were welcomed by Professor Dame Julia King, Vice Chancellor of Aston University and hosted by Carole Parkes Aston Business School and Alan Murray, Winchester Business School. Alan Murray was elected Chair and Carole Parkes Vice Chair of the Chapter. Other officers and Steering Group members elected included Treasurer Alec Wersun, Glasgow Caledonian University, Secretary Natalia Yakovleva, Winchester Business School, Paul Cashian, Coventry University, David Clemson, London South Bank University, Joanne Cook, University of Hull, Sheila Killian, University of Limerick, and Jonathan Gosling, University of Exeter.

The 1st PRME Chapter Forum UK & Ireland was held at Winchester Business School, 8-9 April 2014, in conjunction with The Future of Capitalism Conference. A range of plenary and short paper sessions generated lively discussions and knowledge sharing.

The 2nd UK & Ireland Chapter Meeting was held alongside the 2nd UK & Ireland PRME Conference on 29-30 June 2015 at Glasgow Caledonian University. 

The 3rd PRME UK and Ireland Conference was held on 19-22 June 2016 and hosted jointly by Nottingham Business School and Nottingham University Business School.

Main Activities/Core Value Proposition

Activities include working with Higher Education Institutions and related bodies to support the integration of PRME in the UK and Ireland. This includes promoting PRME through events, conferences, publications and associated activities. The Inspirational Guide for the Implementation of PRME, UK & Ireland Edition was published by Greenleaf in September 2014, featuring a wide range of UK & Ireland PRME initiatives. 


Officers and Steering Committee of the Chapter:

Chair Carole Parkes, Univeristy of Winchester Business School
Vice Chair/Treasurer Alec Wersun, Glasgow Caledonian University
Secretary David Clemson, London South Bank University

The Steering Committee Members of the Chapter:

Paul Cashian, Coventry University 
Paul Caulfield, University of Nottingham
Matt Gitsham, Ashridge Business School
Alex Hope, Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University
Steve Kenzie, Global Compact UK Network
Sheila Killian, University of Limerick
Julie O Donnell, Dublin City University Business School
Anja Schaefer, The Open University


For more information on the Chapter, the Foundation Meeting and events/activities, please contact:

Chair, Carole Parkes (, University of Winchester Business School

Vice Chair/Treasurer Alec Wersun, ( Glasgow Caledonian University

Administrator, Tessa Valentine ( University of Winchester Business School

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