Participant Reports

Below is the list of participants that have uploaded their SIP reports. A complete list of Signatories can be found here and a complete list of Supporting Organisations can be found here.

Participant Reports
Name Type Asc Country Report Date Report
Bifrost University Signatory Iceland 2018View Report
Zurich Institute of Business Education Signatory Switzerland 2018View Report
KU Leuven Faculty of Economics and Business Signatory Belgium 2018View Report
HEM (Institute of Higher Education of Management) Signatory Morocco 2018View Report
Jack H. Brown College of Business & Public Administration Signatory United States 2018View Report
Global Business and Management Studies Program Signatory Japan 2018View Report
Durham Business School Signatory United Kingdom 2018View Report
Universidad del Rosario Signatory Colombia 2018View Report
Sustainability Management School Signatory Switzerland 2018View Report
Inalde - Business School Signatory Colombia 2018View Report
Lebanese International University Signatory Lebanon 2018View Report
Great Lakes Institute of Management Signatory India 2018View Report
George Mason University School of Business Signatory United States 2018View Report
IUBH University of Applied Sciences Signatory Germany 2018View Report
Turku School of Economics Signatory Finland 2018View Report
Auckland University of Technology Business School Signatory New Zealand 2018View Report
Murdoch University School of Management and Governance Signatory Australia 2018View Report
Umea School of Business and Economics Signatory Sweden 2018View Report
WU - Wirtschaftsuniversitaet Wien / Vienna University of Economics and Business Signatory Austria 2018View Report
CMR University Signatory India 2018View Report
Danube Business School Signatory Austria 2018View Report
Universidad Panamericana Campus Bonaterra Signatory Mexico 2018View Report
Sobey School of Business Signatory Canada 2018View Report
The University of Liverpool Management School Signatory United Kingdom 2018View Report
Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences - University of Cologne Signatory Germany 2018View Report
ESITH Signatory Morocco 2018View Report
University of Warsaw Signatory Poland 2018View Report
School of Business and Law - Central Queensland University Signatory Australia 2018View Report
Cologne Business School Signatory Germany 2018View Report
University of Edinburgh Business School Signatory United Kingdom 2018View Report

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