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21 Nov 2017

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Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Surrey Business School is developing important strategic initiatives around sustainability in education by incorporating the six principles as portrayed by the United Nation Global Compact (PRME):

What we have achieved:

1.Integration of corporate responsibility and sustainability in the 1st year undergraduate (UG) induction programme. Students were given access to a ‘Panopto’ presentation about ethics and sustainability and were asked to develop a business model demonstrating how the areas of sustainability and ethics are integrated into their business.

2.Integration of corporate responsibility in both our MBA and EMBA programmes. Students took part in a business case study on an ‘ethical dilemma’ and were asked to develop a presentation demonstrating the ethical, legal and social responsibility of the firm.

3.All MBA and EMBA executive education students undertook the ‘Sustainability Test’ to evaluate their global and local levels of knowledge and awareness of social, economic and environmental challenges.

4.All third-year undergraduate students are introduced to the module ‘Business Ethics’ to allow them to fully appreciate the implications of decision-making and leadership in an increasingly complex business environment. The module introduces the students to core principles of ethical thought, to models of ethical decision-making, and to a variety of business situations and their impact on the wider society.

5.Integration of the subject of ‘social enterprise’ in UG module ‘Entrepreneurship and Business Planning’ (MAN3083).

6. Integration of the subject of ‘social enterprise’ in PG module ‘Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation’ (MANM104).

7. Students from all subjects at Surrey Business School are invited to take part in Enactus – a student-led society and a subsidiary of the non-profit organisation ‘Enactus United Kingdom’. Students are currently engaged in projects with local schools and with communities in the Philippines.’

What we are planning to achieve:

1.Review all undergraduate programmes by looking at how corporate responsibility and sustainability can be incorporated even more strongly into the curriculum. This includes evaluating teaching content, resources, lecture notes, and assessments marking schemes (both exams and assignments).

2.Review all postgraduate programmes by looking at how ethics and responsibility management are integrated into the curriculum. This includes evaluating teaching content, resources, lecture notes, and assessments marking schemes (both exams and assignments).

3. All students and staff members at Surrey Business School will undertake the Sustainability test.

4. A series of seminars on ethics, responsibility and management open to all students at SBS, the wider faculty, and businesses in the community to discuss ethical and social challenges faced by today’s businesses.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

What we have achieved:

1.Centre for Sustainable Enterprise Management to develop the knowledge, skills, and experience of future business leaders to address environmental and social challenges while managing business growth.

2. Centre for Management Learning: A research competency centre for academic staff, students and industry to improve teaching excellence in management through industry informed curriculum and new teaching practices, including those in the area of ethics, responsibility and sustainability.

3.We receive funding for our work from a range of research councils (including the ESRC and the EPSRC), the Advanced Institute of Management, research charities (including the Leverhulme Trust), the European Union, major businesses and public-sector bodies.

4.Large-scale research programme in the area of sustainability in the mining industry, with various events, funding from leading industry bodies, and a wide range of publications in this topic area.

What we are planning to achieve:

1.During the 2017/18 academic year, we will set up a new centre for Social Innovation Management at Surrey Business School. The objective of the Centre will be to conduct research and teaching on the issues of social innovation, new types of business models that serve social as well as economic purposes, social investment management, and related areas. Several appointments will be made to reinforce our work in this area.

2. Development of an ‘impact case study’ on sustainability and social innovation in the context of preparations for the next Research Excellence Framework Evaluation in the UK.

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