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Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

As a co-educational institution with a prove-it-to-me educational policy our programmes have been developed based on the Competency Based modular system of education with Industry Certified & Validated Professional (ICVP) training standards. In today’s competitive job market, it is not good enough to just have a recognised degree…you need to “walk and talk the language of the industry”. ICVP equips you to do that and transform you to become a valuable asset to your employer. While most universities around the world prepare one to become a well-rounded academic graduate, Crown University has gone one step beyond….all its graduates are groomed to become Industry Certified & Validated Professionals (ICVP). Crown University has developed ICVP in many industries that help to equip its graduates with industry-specific knowledge and skills.
As an ICVP graduate, you would not only earn a degree but gain extensive practical knowledge of a specific industry

Crown University makes the world your classroom, and widens your global perspectives. Expand your horizon and connect on an international level through overseas study tours, Semester Abroad Programme (SAP), intercultural live video discussions, classes by guest lecturers from partner universities, and more.

Students at Crown gain their edge with developing speed through an industry-focused curriculum, the latest learning innovations and collaborative processes
Learn in a more engaging, efficient and motivated way through Blackboard, World of Business Ideas (WOBI™), games, wikis, podcasts and other interactive platforms. Acquire essential experience and skill-sets in a curriculum jointly developed with our Industry Advisory Board and which covers Employer Projects and structured internships.
Gain your edge through an industry-focused curriculum, the latest learning innovations and collaborative processes.

Crown brings out your full potential so that you can realise your aspirations in a world of change. At Crown you gain a head-start in the job market with career guidance from dedicated lecturers and counsellors, mentorship and coaching by industry experts, career camps and industry workshops. Be a better communicator through our specially developed modules

Our work in education
We connect global audience and industry specific sectors to enrich education, promote global citizenship and build international trust and understanding, scholarship and research.

Our work in arts
Our arts team work with the best of creative talent to deliver inspiring events and develop collaborations with artists and cultural institutions built on a curriculum that is transferable.

Our work in arts, education and society
Our goal is to build bridges of trust and understanding among people around the world. Through our programmes, we give opportunities to hundreds of millions of people worldwide to take their destinies into their own hands whilst poised towards making a valuable contributions to the overal global governance, peace, decurity and justice.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

We developed industry certified and validated curricula/profesionals that seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice, conduct global exchange programmes and transfer of credits from international and local Universities • Faculty and staff exchanges, Credit by examination, including: College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) Advanced Placement (AP) exams Graduate Records Exams (GRE), Corporate training programs• Business training programs• Professional examinations• Licenses or certificates• International credentials• Individualized learning contracts

CROWN Global Alliance Universities
“CROWN Global Alliance Universities” is a standardized global network of universities that opens doors to societies with a unique multicultural perspective that prepares our students for great careers and lifelong achievement. Our network builds and keeps these standards knowing that in an interconnected world of shared economies, businesses, technologies, environments, and cultures our students would have a competitive advantage whether enrolled online or in a campus-based allied university can still receive an internationally accredited university educational experience with programs designed to cross borders while meeting the needs of local communities and economies. We share in our network innovative best-practice driven curricula and degree programmes that inculcates in our graduates and faculty problem solving approach to issues geared taking human civilization into another level to meet the overwhelming demands of the working world. “CROWN Global Alliance Universities” recognizes international double accredited and dual-degree programmes (DDP) as well as study abroad programme (SAP) and student/faculty exchange initiatives (SEI) to exports higher education overseas worldwide.

We also harness together CROWN GLOBAL ALLIANCE UNIVERSITIES, a network of universities that opens doors to societies with a unique multicultural perspective that prepares our students for great careers and lifelong achievement)

In this network we design, deliver, and market customized and comprehensive online programmes across an institution.We pull together strategic, operational, and academic expertise delivering programs on a global basis using Crown’s Global Alliance infrastructure. An existing network of sites around the world to support hybrid and on-ground programs.

We provide opportunities for articulation agreements and dual/joint degree programs with more in many allied institutions and countries educating students around the world.

We develop specialized programs that bring international students to partner campuses, especially during underutilized times of the year

We offer study abroad and faculty exchange opportunities in desirable locations around the world Led by an international team of educators and executives with broad experience in academics and business with experience from global businesses as well as Chancellors, Vice-chancellors, rectors, presidents and deans from higher education’s most respected institutions worldwide.

Each Crown’s Global Alliance University has its own academic advisory board, pooling the academic and professional expertise of its members to ensure career-relevant education for all students in the network.

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