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Graduate School

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Post Graduate, Executive

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Marlboro College


Brattleboro, Vermont, United States


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13 Nov 2008

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19 Jul 2011

Sharing Information on Progress (2011)

Sharing Information On Progress: UN Principles for Responsible Management Education - View Report

Marlboro MBA submits our first Sharing Information on Progress (SIP), which highlights activities and initiatives during the 2010-11 academic year. As a graduate management program that was designed to teach business theory and practice that enriches human communities, furthers social justice, and safeguards the integrity of the Earth’s biosphere, we are committed to engaging in a continuous process of improvement in applying the principles of Responsible Management Education.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The Marlboro MBA in Managing for Sustainability is a full 60 credit program offered in a low-residency design that is ideal for working professionals. The program consists of monthly in-person intensives in Brattlboro, Vermont, which are complemented by online work and collaboration. Launched in January 2008, the curriculum was built from the ground up to incorporate sustainability, social justice, environmental stewardship, and business success in all classes. From accounting to management to sustainable leadership, sustainability is the cornerstone of our approach. In addition to our required curriculum which includes a strong emphasis on systems thinking, students choose independent projects based on their personal interests in sustainability which they work on over the course of the two-year program. These projects have ranged from ocean ecology to food, fuel, and finance to gender in the workplace. The Marlboro MBA looks through macro and micro lenses at what it takes to create a sustainable business.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The Marlboro MBA students and staff are actively engaged in a number of networks that promote corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship with businesses including Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR) - the largest and oldest BSR in America, Businesses for Local Living Economies (BALLE), and a number of other initiatives large and small. Additionally, the Marlboro MBA hosts public events and conferences that highlight sustainability practices for business and management. Because our program is designed around sustainability, all of our faculty are involved in one way or another in research and civic engagement activities that focus on sustainability. Program Director, Ralph Meima, works on community energy generation projects. Professor Beverly Winterscheid is the founder of the Institute for Nature and Leadership. All our faculty are committed to a new type of business and management education which shows up in their research.

Our future goals include creating curriculum for people who already have an MBA, but need specialized training in sustainability management, increasing the number of public events for public education, connecting our students with more business partners earlier in their education, and creating more international service opportunities. Our long term goals include increasing the number of students enrolled in management programs that have sustainability at their core and to create greater accessibility for all to learn the skills we teach.

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