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Queen Mary University of London


London, London, United Kingdom


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31 Oct 2016

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31 Oct 2016

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Queen Mary 2016 SIP Report - View Letter

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Since 2013, we have:

* broadened the range of modules available to our students that address sustainability and responsibility topics in both our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees
* more deeply embedded skills required to address responsibility and sustainability topics in our educational experience, such as team work and reflective thinking
* doubled the number of students who benefit from our educational provision, and increased the international diversity of our student intake
* trained three cohorts of public leaders from each of the cultural communities in Bosnia-Herzegovina to lead reconciliation and development across traditional cultural divisions

Over the next two years we are planning to:

* more deeply embed PRME principles across our curriculum
* work towards launching a new BSc programme in Global Business and Sustainability in 2018
* work towards launching new MSc degrees that will link our specialist MScs more closely with the School's mission, for example in environmental management, international business and development and in development finance
• increase the proportion of modules and programmes with international, sustainability, responsibility and diversity content
• increase the number of students with a study abroad component to their studies (summer schools, exchanges, field trips);
• ensure that all academic staff who educate our students have international experience, and an awareness of global responsibility issues.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Since 2013, we have:

* articulated a new mission for the school, that is "to promote social justice, sustainability and good governance in the management of private, public and voluntary organizations through our research and education"
* participated in and led academic conferences, workshops, journals and collaborations examining responsibility and sustainability topics
* published widely on Sustainable Development Goal themes. Over half of our academics have published at least one research output on an SDG theme since 2013
* formed an Advisory Board to advise the school on contemporary developments in business practice. Most advisory board members are specialists in various aspects of the role of business in society
* consulted on a wide variety of CSR-related topics with local, national and international agencies

Over the next two years we are planning to:

* continue to build critical mass on our strategic research themes of social justice, sustainability and good governance
* develop a new research centre: the Centre on Labour and Global Production, which focuses on the changing position of workers and labour in the world economy
* confirm our presence as a world-leading school of the quality of our engagement and advice on responsibility and sustainability topics

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