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28 Jun 2016

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07 Jun 2018

Sharing Information on Progress (2018)

Loughborough University School of Business and Economics Sharing Information on Progress Report - View Report

Period Covered: Jun 2016 to Jun 2018

Loughborough University has been a PRME signatory since 2016. The report captures the diversity and quality of research, learning and teaching, community engagement and volunteering undertaken by the staff and students in School of Business and Economics, as well as reporting sustainability initiatives across the University. Highlights include seed-corn funding initiatives to stimulate research and teaching developments, collaboration with the charity Action Homeless and the South Africa Challenge.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The School does not run specific modules in the areas of corporate responsibility and sustainable development, rather, these themes are integrated across a range of School modules and levels, allowing their incorporation with core topics. Some examples include:
• Teaching in the Accounting, Finance and Information Management areas come to issues of responsibility through consideration of particular ‘moral hazards’ of those fields and professions: for example, the perils of creative accounting and cyber espionage.
• The Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour group provides a number of courses through the curriculum that discuss issues of business social responsibility to stakeholders, especially to employees. These include core Human Resource Management courses for second year undergraduates and also courses for postgraduate students.
• A significant number of modules delivered by the Marketing and Retailing group include some consideration of how marketing efforts enable organisations to deliver corporate social responsibility objectives

In undergraduate degrees, responsibility and sustainability are usually discussed fully in final year option modules, although accounting students are introduced to the topics in their first year. Similarly strategy modules (included in all programmes) explicitly include arguments about corporate social responsibility. .

As part of our on-going work in this area we have already begun to review the elements of ethics, responsibility and sustainability in each module taught in the School. This will give us a detailed understanding of how modules address the main areas of CSR and sustainability. The next stage in the process will be to map the areas dealt with in each of our degree programmes, to ensure there is broad coverage for all undergraduates, postgraduates and Executive Education students.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Responsibility and sustainability are core elements of the values and culture of the School. The School has a specific value for being: ‘Responsible – promoting ethical behaviour and practice’. As such, staff are encouraged carry out research, development and innovation activities on responsibility and sustainability, as well as to carry such activities in an ethical, responsible and sustainable manner.

Specific examples of research, development and innovation activities and projects around responsibility and sustainability include:
• Research council funded work exploring the significant challenge which the carbon reduction agenda poses for UK house building companies. The research seeks to understand how developers can implement technical innovations across their operations in the light of carbon reduction targets.
• Work on the term structure of corporate and social discount rate with particular application to the valuation of intergenerational projects, focussing on environmental and biodiversity initiatives. Work in this area has been used to help provide guidance to Her Majesty’s Treasury, the US Environmental Protection Agency and the OECD.
• The areas of sustainability accounting and accountability in the public and private sectors. Research has been undertaken as part of the Prince of Wales' 'Accounting for Sustainability' (A4S) project, contributing to a text on practical insights into mainstreaming sustainability in organisational decision-making.

Responsible Management is a key area for consideration in research activities within the School and to this end the School has committed to funding one new research studentship per year in the areas of responsibility and sustainability, for the next three years. Responsibility and sustainability are also specific criteria for the School seedcorn funding.

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