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Laurentian University


Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


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04 Jan 2016

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21 Dec 2017

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Period Covered: Jan 2016 to Jan 2018

The report describes Faculty of Management activities over a two period related to the Principles of Responsible Management agenda. We are part of regional university with a specific mandate toward the regional community. At the the same time, we have developed a global perspective driven in large part by our strategic objective to obtain international accreditation. We are proud to have made a modest yet relatively substantial start on our role in advancing the PRME and SDG agendas.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

1. International accreditation of its business programs is one of Laurentian University’s top 10 strategic goals in the current 5 year plan. The Faculty of Management (FoM) has received AACSB approval for its eligibility application and is in the process of applying for EPAS accreditation of its two undergraduate degree programs, with a peer review team visit scheduled for March 2016.
2. In working on these accreditations, FoM has revised its degree programs and is in the process of curriculum renewal. Our mission, to develop socially responsible leaders for the global business world, is reflected in the re-designed MBA degree and curriculum, and will be firmly embedded in the undergraduate degrees and the new curriculum launching in September 2017. The new curriculum will intensify students’ engagement with ethics, social responsibility and sustainability.
3. Laurentian University has a tri-cultural mandate that includes serving the anglophone, francophone and Indigenous communities of the region and Canada. The University is committed to increasing Indigenous content in the curriculum and this is reflected in FoM curriculum renewal and program design. We believe the Indigenous perspective must be understood when addressing issues related to ethics, social responsibility and sustainability.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

1. Laurentian University has been actively engaged with regional natural resources industries in promoting social responsibility and sustainability. Numerous research centers have emerged with mandates related to social responsibility and sustainability, among them: the Center for Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation, the Center for Research in Occupational Safety and Health, the Cooperative Freshwater Ecology Unit, and the Mining Innovation, Rehabilitation, and Applied Research Corporation
2. As our faculty complement increases over the coming years, FoM anticipates more local research collaborations through our existing research centers, through new initiatives and through building on the research of current colleagues with local small and medium sized business and Indigenous enterprises. Faculty exchange and research collaborations are an integral component of our international agreements which open additional research opportunities with colleagues at other PRME signatory business programs.
3. Work integrated learning will become even more significant in our degree programs creating additional avenues for students and faculty to link with businesses supporting our students. By emphasizing social responsibility and sustainability as dimensions of these student work experiences FoM expects to stimulate greater interest among businesses in research collaborations and professional development. FoM acknowledges that our capacity to deliver quality professional development is contingent on the expected addition of more faculty positions as part of our international accreditation initiatives.

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