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Universidade de Sao Paulo


Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil



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20 Nov 2015

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20 Nov 2017

Sharing Information on Progress (2017)

SIP PRME FEAUSP Brazil 2017 - View Report

Period Covered: Nov 2015 to Nov 2017

In its first report, the School of Economics, Business Administration, and Accounting of University of São Paulo (FEAUSP) presents its actions to date regarding fostering responsible management guided by PRME’s six principles. FEAUSP has the commitment to act as a positive and constructive influence on our stakeholders, mainly our students, faculty, employees, and community. Moreover, our school has also encouraged other academic institutions to adopt and support the same principles.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Our school have played an important role in creating and disseminating knowledge in subjects related to organizations, especially in economics, business administration and accounting. Within these courses we also have had several subjects that have concepts and tools with sustainable development approach and related themes as their core concern. As examples in business management course, these subjects include:
- Gestão Empresarial e Sustentabilidade Socioambiental (Corporate Management and Social and Environmental Sustainability, 30 hours);
- Responsabilidade Empresarial e Empreendedorismo Social (Corporate Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship, 30 hours);
- Governança Corporativa (Corporate Governance, 30 hours);
- Ética e Administração (Ethics and Management, 30 hours)
- Gestão de Operações Sustentáveis (Sustainable Operations Management, 30 hours).

We intend to enhance and increase the education on these matters in the next years, including some of these subjects taught in English language.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

We have several researchers and research groups on these themes, such as CEATS (Social Entrepreneurship) and PROGESA (Social and Environmental Management). We also have six journals that publish papers on several themes, including CSR, SD and others related. We host an annual conference, ENGEMA, that is the largest event for graduates in Sustainability issues in Brazil. In under graduate level, besides the afore mentioned subjects, our school have several initiatives and students groups developing social projects.
We plan to enhance and increase research on these matters, especially at international level and to promote internally the PRME guidelines through subjects and programs.

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