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05 Jun 2015

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02 May 2017

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Sharing Information on Progress Report 2015-2017 Lappeenranta University of Technology School of Business and Management - View Report

Period Covered: May 2015 to Apr 2017

The School of Business and Management from Lappeenranta University of Technology is committed to the values and principles of PRME. In the very first Sharing Information on Progress Report we describe our principles, values and actions regarding sustainable and responsible education, research and company cooperation.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The LUT School of Business and Management has integrated corporate responsibility and sustainability in curriculum in several ways. The master programme of Master in Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability (MSIS) meets the increasing international demand for strategic and innovation management professionals, who understand how sustainability issues create both challenges and opportunities for value creation. Several individual courses focusing on sustainability are offered in other master programmes as well.

The aim and contents of the Master's studies in Economics and Business Administration are geared towards on sustainable value creation altogether. This corresponds to the overall focus on sustainable ecology of the entire Lappeenranta University of Technology, that besides the School of Business and Management has a School of Energy Systems and a School of Engineering Science.

These three Schools of LUT offer a joint multi-disciplinary Sustainability minor (24 ECTS) that consists of courses from different Schools and creates a comprehensive understanding to sustainability from different viewpoints, including courses, for example, about sustainable strategy and business ethics, bioenergy, and cleaner technologies and markets.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The LUT School of Business and Management is active in externally funded research projects on corporate responsibility and sustainability, for instance:

- Cleantech Solutions (lead by Anne Jalkala and Joona Keränen)
- Dematerialization and Sustainable Competitiveness through New Models for Industrial Networking (lead by Janne Huiskonen and Samuli Patala)
- Sustainable and Innovative Supply Management as a Source of Competitive Advantage (lead by Jukka Hallikas and Anni-Kaisa Kähkönen)
- Sustainable Value Creation (lead by Kaisu Puumalainen)
- Searching for Sustainable and Competitive Future for the Forest Sector (lead by Satu Pätäri and Kaisu Puumalainen)
- Organic Co-creative Mill and Ecosystem (lead by Pasi Syrjä and Helena Sjögren)

Salient research topics published (journals) or reported (conferences) under the auspices of the LUT School of Business and Management are:
- Sustainable value networks
- Business model innovations and Cleantech
- Sustainable supply chains
- Social and sustainable entrepreneurship
- CSR and customer value

The ambition of LUT School of Business and Management is to become Finland's premier internationally acknowledged and leading academic research and education institution in terms of CSR and sustainability.

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