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05 Mar 2012

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28 Feb 2019

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Bond Business School PRME Report 2017-2018 - View Report

Period Covered: Jan 2017 to Dec 2018

The report begins with the details of the completed goals from the 2015-2016
PRME report of Bond Business School (BBS). This is followed by a description of
teaching and research activities, industry linkages and community outreach
programs in the areas of ethics, sustainability and CSR undertaken at BBS
in 2017 - 2018. These activities are reviewed in relation to the six PRME principles. Finally,the goals of BBS for 2019 - 2020 to further implement the six PRME principles are stated.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The situation that exists currently within the Faculty of Business is that we have not taken any systematic steps to identify the current level of involvement in business ethics, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility within the Faculty. Until recently, School of Sustainable Development was housed within the Faculty of Business. With this connection, the Faculty of Business had a large number of activities within the sustainability area. However, the School of Sustainable Development is now a separate entity within the University, known as the Institute of Sustainable Development and Architecture. Within the Faculty of Business, there are a number of activities, such as the extensive use of service learning projects in some subjects, that fall within the scope of ethics/CSR/sustainability. Knowledge about the extent and nature of those activities is currently anecdotal in nature. Thus, much of our effort in the first year within the PRME program will be to determine the current level and nature of our PRME-relevant activities and look for opportunities to expand our efforts in various areas. During our first year in the PRME program we plan to conduct the following activities:
1. Complete a survey process to identify what staff are doing in their subjects related to service learning, CSR, sustainability and business ethics. Compile a report of the results and present that at a Faculty of Business (FoB) staff meeting. This will identify the subjects that already have an “ethics component” and the Faculty Executive Committee can then decide what specific targets we might want to set for improving integration of ethics/sustainability issues into our subjects.
2. Formally develop a relationship with the Institute for Sustainable Development and Architecture (ISDA) to provide access to a greater range of guest speakers on sustainability issues for FoB staff and make FoB staff aware of sustainability related events conducted by ISDA.
3. Develop a relationship with the Business Students Association to identify student-oriented projects that are, or might be done relating to business ethics, CSR and/or sustainability. Our target would be to get at least one such program implemented within the first year.
4. Organise a “Business Links” event specifically related to ethics/CSR/sustainability.
5. Currently we do very little for our MBA and other graduate students related to business ethics. We will develop a “workshop” centred on the Giving Voice to Values process which MBA students will be required to take as part of their orientation to the Faculty. Our target date for the implementation of the MBA workshop would be the January semester 2013.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

We know relatively little about the extent of ethics-related research and research-focused activities that are currently occurring in the FoB. Our plan is to canvas our faculty members to identify specific research related activities (including conference attendance and conference organisation) being conducted by staff that have an ethics, CSR or sustainability component. A report on this will be provided to the Faculty Executive Committee to decide upon any goals and actions that FoB wants to develop to enhance our performance in this area.

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