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not for profit association of universities and companies

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Post Graduate


Jouy en Josas , France


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06 Jul 2010

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18 May 2016

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CEMS PRME report. December 2011 - View Report

This report describes all CEMS achievements along the six PRME Principles since the organisation joined PRME in July 2010. It highlights in particular all efforts to introduce sustainability in the CEMS MIM curriculum. Very precise data such as lists of courses and block seminars are to be found in appendix.
Decisions of the CEMS governing bodies, faculty and student initiatives are also described in this report.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Already achieved :
- social and environmental sustainability as core topics of most block seminars. Block seminars are a one-week intensive course on an interdisciplinary topic. The CEMS Master’s in International Management programme starts with a block seminar at each CEMS member university. It is a compulsory component of the programme for all students.
- invitation of social partners (NGO’s) to our annual events
- sustainability/ business ethics offered as course elective in the CEMS programme at most member universities.
- integrity as one of the student selection criteria at the entry of the programme at all member universities.

Planning to achieve:

- ensure that all CEMS students will have taken at least one course on corporate responsibility and sustainability during their CEMS MIM year.
- business projects and internships with NGO’s.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Already achieved :

- CEMS faculty teams in Business and the Environment, Business Ethics, in Gender and Diversity Management
- teams of CSR faculty members at each member school producing research in this field
- Publications: e.g. The Future International Manager: A Vision of the Roles and Duties of Management

Planning to achieve:

- A book on the role of Business Schools in Society by the CEMS deans.

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