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Riga, Riga, Latvia


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29 Jan 2010

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10 Feb 2017

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Newport University CED started offering Tuition Free BBA & MBA Programs from July – December, 2012 session.

Only Processing Fees, No Tuition Fees

Application and Registration Processing Fees at US$100 (BBA or MBA).

Online Proctoring and Exam Fees at US$10. (BBA- 40 courses, 120 credits or MBA- 12 courses, 36 credits).

Certification and Handling Fees around the world through international postal service at US$ 100 per program (BBA or MBA).

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Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Newport University CED as a department of World Distributed University established by the International Informatization Academy (IIA) in a General Consultative State with ECOSOC of the UN, since 2008 from its inspiration the university is working as a higher educational institute to train the managerial persons to develop their executive preference for the development of Global Business Society through on-line/center based MBA program and 100% research based, with proven core work experience based DBA program.

We have planed a new curricula model to improve student learning through vertical integration of educational activities using new program structures. We offered an experimental course sequence during Fall 2009 and Spring 2009, defined as a "learning stream". A learning stream is a basic element of a novel program structure designed specifically to vertically integrate subject matter across courses. A learning stream merges and re-organizes material to more effectively present and reinforce key objectives. Concepts are covered in a more cohesive and timely manner compared to traditional topical organizations, letting students see relationships between concepts. A learning stream emphasizes fundamentals through their application. In some cases, it provides a basis to introduce cross-disciplinary ideas. Students gain proficiency with higher dimensional problem-solving from a conceptual and disciplinary perspective rather than a single subject. The design of a curriculum using learning streams addresses one of the most important questions in business education, that is, how to achieve balance between the fundamentals and applications, between theory and practice.

The graduate programs in education courses enjoy these unique characteristics:
• Grounded on the on-line/center based platform of Newport University CED, assigned instructors assist students to investigate issues of learning out come.
• Involvement with The Universal Digital Library fosters a deeper appreciation of the arts and literature.
• A liberal arts core with specialized content area electives expands and strengthens on-line or center based teaching.
• Students undertake on-line or center based -relevant research projects.
• Both content and methodology receive substantial attention.
• Students can either earn an MBA/DBA and also can complete California State University, Fresno has an Institute for International Credentials Evaluation program to expand their teaching opportunities.

We have a plane to establish a project to offer Tuition Free On-Line Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Program (Application, Registration, Evaluation, Awarding Fees will be applicable) Study Opportunity for Deprived Citizens Around the World to Confirm that Every Human Being Has Inherited the Right to Learn for the Welfare of the Global Business Society.

From the last year, since becoming the UN Global Compact member we have applied corporate responsibility and sustainability in our curriculum and target to disseminate Corporate Social Responsibility Courses to Global enterprises through on-line/our study centers in different countries in the year 2010.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Newport University CED has planed to implement the 'Newport University CED Award for Innovation in Business' from 2010. The Newport University CED Business Award will recognize and rewards companies engaging in research and innovations designed to new successful business models sustainable development. Not only is it an urgent global theoretical business issue to share with companies worldwide, it is also an impediment to productivity, economic growth and poverty reduction. Responsibility for addressing global business problem issues lies with governments, but the private sector –can be an important partner and play a constructive role in providing solutions.

This Award gives recognition and inspiration to companies from any business sector across a wide range of activities in the marketplace, workplace and community, as well as in the policy domain. The Award is designed to stimulate innovation that delivers new business ideas and recognizes the value of partnerships. Finally, the Award aims to bring business issues to the attention of the international media and to promote responsible and sustainable business practices.

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