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Business School

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Technical, Post Graduate, Executive

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BPP Holdings


London, London, United Kingdom


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02 Jul 2009

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02 Aug 2011

Sharing Information on Progress (2011)

Working towards responsible management education - View Report

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

*In the majority of our products, ethical responsibility is embedded throughout the course and written into the programme level learning outcomes. This is the case for MSc Management, MSc Professional Accounting and MBA Legal Business. As we develop further products we will ensure that this is the case wherever relevant.

*MSc Management has a module specifically focused on CSR which examines CSR, sustainable business practice, managerial ethics and Corporate Governance.

*Modules in HR and Marketing throughout the Business School have foci on ethical practices.

*MSc Professional Accounting has a module on Corporate Governance and a focus on professional ethics throughout the course.

*MSc Finance & Investment teaches Welfare Economics and encourages students to explore the ethical impacts of their decisions.

*MBA in Legal Business has a module on Corporate Governance and a focus on ethical managerial practice throughout the course.

*The Careers Service offers sessions on ethical careers, effective ethical practice and cultural awareness, all of which reflect and reiterate the importance of CR for future employees.

*We are adopting a paperless strategy within the Business School and intend that the students will be provided with eReaders by 2010 and all content will be online by then as opposed to being handed-out in paper form.

*We are looking at ways to translate BPP Law School's exceptional reputation for 'pro bono' work into a model that will work for BPP Business School in which students develop their own business acumen by helping out companies working in pro-social areas.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

We are a fairly new institution and so these aspects of our development are not yet fully realised. However, we are progressing in a number of ways and hope to have made definitive progress by the end of 2009:

*We are looking to establish a centre of excellence in the field of risk, which will incorporate a focus on Corporate Governance and Sustainability and their relationships with risk.

*We are looking to raise the profile of our institution and of sustainability education and research through research and media engagement pertaining to an interest in corporate responsibility. Chris Brady, professor of the business school, makes regular media appearances to discuss governance and sustainability issues with relation to sports, gaming and finance.

*We are looking to establish steering committees for each of our programmes and will ensure that we have members of these steering committees who are practitioners in the fields and who are engaged in ethical and sustainable practices.

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