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01 Apr 2008

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27 Oct 2016

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Period Covered: Jan 2012 to Jan 2012

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The IHI Zittau was intended as a visionary European experiment and an answer for environmental, economic and social issues, connected with the transition in Middle and Eastern Europe. This academic profile reflects the triple bottom line and the core issues of responsible management.

The IHI Zittau offers graduate degrees, i.e. programmes on the Master´s and Doctorate Level (Bologna-Level 2 and 3) with a special research and teaching focus on sustainability. Environmental Management, Business Ethics and Intercultural Management are integral modules in the core curriculum of our students.

Study programmes at the IHI Zittau:

1) Biotechnology and Applied Ecology (Master of Science), possible specializations:
- Protection and Use of Biodiversity
- Environmental Sciences and Biotechnology

2) International Management (Master of Arts), possible specializations:
- International Business and Global Society
- International Management of Innovations
- International Supply Chain Management
- International Environmental Management
- International Marketing and Intercultural Management
- Controlling and International Capital Markets

3) Project Management and Engineering (Master of Arts)

4) Business Ethics and CSR-Management (Master of Arts)

5) Doctoral Study Programme

We integrate values of global (social) responsibility and sustainability in our curricula; there are some mandatory or optional lectures and seminars focusing sustainability and responsibility for students of all master´s programmes at the IHI Zittau (see our Communication on Progress 2013).

The main aim of the International Institute Zittau is comprehensive education of young people from Middle and Eastern Europe, also in aspects sustainable and responsible management. Our students expand their specialized knowledge in the particular fields but also broaden their interdisciplinary and intercultural competences through electives, language courses, intercultural trainings and day-to-day working in international seminar groups.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

At the IHI Zittau research activities on the fields corporate responsibility and sustainability are undertaken inter alia in the department of Social Sciences and the department of General Business Management, esp. Controlling & Environmental Management.

These are the main research areas of the Department of Social Sciences:

- Republican concept of corporate ethics
- Business ethics: conceptual basis and areas of application
- Corporate social responsibility as a management philosophy
- CSR in public sourcing – current situation in Poland
- Social and environmental standards in the globalisation era
- Stakeholder management: discourse between companies and NGOs
- Teaching business ethics in academia
- Teaching business ethics in Middle and Eastern Europe
- Ethics and banking: the example of Islamic Banking
- Ethics and finance: prevention of manipulations of the balance through whistle blowing
- Value-orientation in medium-sized-businesses
- Ethical climate in organizations
- Economic crime and business ethics
- Sociology of crime and law
- Power and micropolitics in companies

Current research projects in the Social Sciences Department:

- “Ethics in Business Administration”
- “Teaching of Business Ethics in Middle and Eastern Europe”
- “Ethical Climate in Organizations”

For further information see our Communication on Progress 2013.

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