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Business School

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Post Graduate


Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India


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01 Apr 2008

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07 Aug 2018

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XLRI SIP 2015-18 - View Report

Period Covered: Apr 2015 to Mar 2018

This report contains a brief of initiatives taken during 2015-18 in line with the principles of PRME. Salient highlights include steps taken to become carbon neutral by 2020, installation of rooftop in institute premises, and XLRI becoming AACSB accredited in 2016.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

As one of the largest and most successful business schools in India, XLRI is committed to influencing its students through inspirational learning and teaching, and business engagement. XLRI recognizes that ethics, social responsibility and sustainability are of concern for businesses locally, nationally and internationally and their importance for the global economy is likely to increase into the future. As managers/leaders of the future, XLRI students would be required to directly address, and make decisions regarding societal challenges in these areas. In line with XLRI’s vision of preparing students with “An abiding commitment to improving the quality of the life in organizations and society”, our students would be equipped with the relevant knowledge and understanding of the current and future implications of ethics and sustainable development for business. In tune with our vision and commitment to sustainability, our academic programs equip our students to become responsible business leaders. XLRI also recognizes that multi-disciplinary approaches are required to address the complex inter-linkages among economy, society and environment. XLRI’s curriculum offers core (mandatory) and elective courses that build the capabilities of its students on business ethics, sustainable development, corporate governance etc.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

XLRI actively engages in conceptual and empirical research that advances our understanding about the role, dynamics and impact of business enterprises in the creation of sustainable social, environmental and economic value.
XLRI recognizes that capacity building is an important element that will further expand the organizational capabilities to achieve embedded sustainability, corporate citizenship and ethical behavior. Accordingly, XLRI has been proactively promoting UNGC-PRME agenda across range of capacity building/management development activities that it undertakes for government, NGO and corporate sectors.

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